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About Dolphin Pharmaceuticals

Dolphin Pharmaceuticals

Dolphin Pharmaceuticals is a technology and experience driven company in healthcare sector with OWN ultra modern & Certified manufacturing UNIT accreditation and an array of laurels to stamp the quality standards and its QUALITY maintenance. Dolphin Pharmaceuticals has made its presence felt in the Pharma Industry and the trade across the India for its just one strong trait, that is “QUALITY”. We do strongly believe in extending the healing hands to the suffering human being. 1994 was the foundation year of Dolphin Pharmaceuticals when a Dreamer turned his dream to Reality by entering into the Pharma world with BIG vision. Vision was to extend a helping hand to the suffering human being by offering quality products at affordable prices. To alleviate their sufferings / diseases by making products GLOBALLY. The starting point of the long journey was from domestic ethical, contract & institutional businesses. Today Dolphin Pharmaceuticals is present in many products and the process of adding up the clientele continues and the list is growing rapidly. Dolphin Pharmaceuticals had vowed, “not to compromise in QUALITY at any step and under any condition.” That TRUST has been acknowledged and appreciated by the CLINICIANS all over with warmth. Our penchant to be acclaimed as “THE BEST” in the Industry has been backed up by 3Q Mark… Quality Products, Quality Presentation, Quality Representation. This philosophy has become possible only by the conscientious efforts of the people with the word QUALITY deeply embedded in their hearts and minds. Hence Dolphin Pharmaceuticals was adjudged the BEST in the Country when it won the NATIONAL AWARD for QUALITY of its Products. Dolphin Pharmaceuticals is committed to grow in its special Therapeutic Segments backed by our knowledge, Expertise and QUALITY ON TOP Products because the PRODUCTS of Dolphin Pharmaceuticals.

You can reach us and contact : Dolphin Pharmaceuticals 10, 2nd floor,Ramdas Building, Channi Road, CP Tank, Kumar Tukda, Mumbai No.2. Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400004, India Telephone: +91- 9303441010