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Top 10 Hot Jobs for women
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Myinfoline PromoIt is difficult to experience a work place as a site of sexual fantasy, but there are some profession that make a really excited environment. Whether or not we admit it, what people do for a living affects their sex appeal. A recent survey asked participants what occupations they consider the sexiest. You might be surprised that the top picks weren't necessarily based on salary or looks.

1. Maids
Originally conceived as a women who cleaned the mess for some fine hotel clients, maids turn into the ultimate sex symbol of any better fetishists. France, in the first place. Looking at the short skirt, black stockings, white apron and stylistically blended insert in their hair, awake fantasies to all but the stacked sheets and clean towels.

2. Plumbers
Why the plumbers ended up in erotic scenarios, we have no idea, but obviously there is something in the guy who is masterfully handling holes. It might occur to us that this is because the plumbers usually associates women to a clogged sink in some solitary time of day, but then why painters or some other repairmen does not have even a half percent of that potential?

3. Stewardesses
Once is not enough the fact that you are at 10,000 meters high in the air. There is still missing those key 10 centimeters. Women who regularly fly in high heels and serve, among other things, the eyes of the male passenger's population, have devastated countless sex scenarios. And rightly so. There is something elusive at an altitude of 10,010 meters.

3. Athletes
Why they're sexy: Professional athletes are likely in great shape. Not to mention they've probably been practicing their sport since childhood, so you know they're disciplined and goal-oriented. Where you'll find them: When they're not training, they're on the field (or rink or court whatever venue they perform at).

5. Nurses
Why they're sexy: Nurses keep you comfortable, make sure you're healthy and bring you morphine when you're hurting. That they devote their lives to caring for others and understand all that medical jargon only makes them sexier. Where you'll find them: In hospitals, your doctor's office and other health care facilities.

6. Gardeners
Gardening is not a popular disciplines in the 21. century, especially not among the population of muscular types in short trousers. However, sweaty cultural heritage tells us that the gardeners are in great position to kill the afternoon boredom. They are owners of all of those rose bushes that need to be processed gently and carefully by hand. It is possible that only pool cleaners compete with them.

7. Policewomen
About the aura of the weaker sex in a position of power know all sexual masochists, but when a woman even has a baton, all with the support of government, the matter takes on a serious sexual potential. These female guardians of the peace cause total chaos and unrest in less masculine public spheres.

8. Firefighters
Firefighters are definitely trampling lawyers, economists, parliamentarians and ticket controllers on a scale of professional libido. Is the key to a bright red painted vehicles or the long and thick hoses? You need to ask a team of experts. Just like how at the same time to connect the idea of extinguishing and burning.

9. Artist
Why they're sexy: The average artist is doing what makes them happy, not what will bring them fame or money, and that's pretty sexy. How many occupations can you say that about? Where you'll find them: Everywhere. Painters, photographers, sculptors and other types of artists work in their own studios, in offices for ad agencies or on location for photo shoots.

10. Female driving instructor
Is there any? If yes, there should definitely be much more. It just all makes sense - the idea of shift into high gear, setting, parking, pressure on the brake until, of course, collision and first aid practices. Too bad that hardly anyone learned that great potential of biological transport by a


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