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The Main Cause of Alopecia in Women
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Alopecia in WomenThere are several reasons for alopecia in women. Fortunately, for most women the condition is temporary and for those whose alopecia is permanent there are some excellent treatments and solutions available.

The main cause of alopecia in women is stress. Sometimes after a shock such as an accident or the death of a loved one hair loss accelerates whilst hair growth slows down. The two happening simultaneously leads to their being fewer hairs on the head overall. This means that the hair looks thin and that bald patches can appear on the scalp.

For most women this hair loss is only temporary. When hair growth resumes their hair returns to its previous healthy state.

The 2nd Most Common Cause of Alopecia in Women

The next most common cause of alopecia in women is pregnancy. During pregnancy dead hairs stop falling out at their normal rate of 100 hairs per day. This means that by the end of their pregnancy a woman can have 2,660 extra hairs on her head than normal. This is great because their hair looks wonderful. Sadly, once their baby is born their hair does a quick inventory and decides to clean house, which means getting rid of all those 2,660 end of life (dead) hairs more or less all at once. Suddenly a lot of hair falls out and the growth of new hair takes a few months to catch up.

Not every woman experiences this during pregnancy and for many women hair loss is not drastic and is only temporary.

The Worst Cause of Alopecia in Women

The remaining cause of alopecia in women is the worst because it is permanent. Just like men, women can inherit a tendency to go bald. It is in their genes. For these women going bald is very traumatic indeed. They know it is coming yet can do very little to stop it. Luckily, there is now a solution in the form of custom made hair webs that blend into their natural hair providing them with a full, natural looking head of hair.


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