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image   New York,U.S. : April 22 (IANS) Go tell this to your kid who is throwing tantrums at learning maths. According to a new research, even monkeys have the ability to use numbers and symbols to add up.

The scientists from Harvard University taught three rhesus monkeys the values of 26 distinct symbols - the 10 Arabic numerals and 16 letters.

Each symbol was associated with zero to 25 drops of a reward of water, juice or orange soda.

Given the choice of two different symbols, the monkeys chose the symbol that represented the larger reward with up to 90 percent accuracy.

“The monkeys demonstrated the ability to not only dif
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image   London,U.K.: What if moon emits enough light to make the night sky brighter so that you do not need to switch on power to illuminate roads and streets?

A Swedish cosmetics firm Foreo has a definite plan: to brighten the surface of the moon to achieve super night brightness!

The idea is to use materials already on the moon to lighten its surface.

“A brighter night sky would mean less need for streetlights, less electricity usage and fewer globe-warming carbon emissions,” a press release from the company said.

“We want to raise public awareness about the project and generate consciousness about the global en
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image New York,U.S. : Over 48 percent of smart phone owners in the US use apps while driving and most of them use google search and google navigation, says the latest automotive consumer insights (ACI) report by Strategy Analytics.

This is in comparison to 37 percent in Europe and a whopping 78 percent in China.

Smart phone owners in the US and Western Europe also use Facebook frequently, stated the report.

Additionally, Pandora is regularly accessed behind the wheel in the US while QQ, WeChat and Sina Weibo are most commonly used while driving in China.

"Drivers are frequently accessing these services, with search, navigation and pa
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image New York,U.S. : Using the wearable eyewear Google Glass, doctors in the US saved the life of a patient - opening up a possibility for the device to become an integral part of medical care.

Wearing Google Glass, doctors at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston, Massachusetts were able to give the patient correct dose of medication within time.

The patient, who had a severe brain bleed, had given an incorrect history to doctors.

He was allergic to some blood pressure drugs used to slow the bleeding. The patient was also taking blood-thining drugs.

The combination of these two drugs could have been fatal, said a Daily Mail rep
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image   New York,U.S.: Days are not far when we would be able to summon a shower from the sky or trigger lightning at will as researchers have now extended high-intensity laser with hope of stimulating showers.

Water condensation and lightning activity in clouds are linked to large amounts of static charged particles.

Stimulating those particles with the right kind of laser holds the key to possibly one day summoning a shower when and where it is needed, a research says.

Lasers can already travel great distances but "when a laser beam becomes intense enough, it behaves differently than usual - it collapses inward on itself", said Matthe
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image   New York, U.S.: The early birds who bought $1,500 (Rs.90,000) wearable eyewear Google Glass that was sold for one day in the US last week are facing street violence from muggers and privacy campaigners.

According to a spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department, street robbers are targeting Google Glass because it could be resold quickly.

Also, people protesting against the wearable device saying it affects their privacy, have ripped the glasses from the faces of those wearing them in public, a report in The Sunday Times said.

According to the report, a local journalist Kyle Russell lost his Google Glass when protesters during an
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image New York, April 12 : Amid the looming threat from Heartbleed bug - that might have compromised millions of websites including Yahoo, Flickr and Tumblr by now - it is imperative to have a strong password that can stand hackers’ assaults, experts say.

To create a strong password, experts recommend using more than 10 characters at least.

“If eight characters is all you use, and if you restrict your characters to only alphabetic letters, it can be cracked in minutes,” Richard Boyd, a senior research scientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute in Atlanta was quoted as saying.

“I would say a password should be as long as you
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image Toronto, April 12 : Why is it that we find the initial hours of a journey longer than the final stretch?

The answer, according new research: because we consider the places ahead of us to be physically nearer than those behind, though the actual distance may be the same.

"Feeling close to or distant from something impacts our behaviour and judgment," said Sam Maglio, an assistant professor at University of Toronto Scarborough, who led the team of researchers.

The researchers used everyday locations, events and objects such as subway stations, lottery draws, and Starbucks drinks to ascertain how people judged time-distance.

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image April 11, London: As the attention turns towards wearable devices like Google Glass and smart watches, how to ensure power supply in a stable and reliable manner is one of the most critical issues facing the developers.

What about a light, tiny generator that can produce electricity from the heat emanating from the human body?


A team of researchers have proposed a solution to this problem by developing a glass fabric-based thermoelectric (TE) generator that is extremely light and flexible and produces electricity from the heat of the human body.

In fact, it is so flexible that the allowable bending radius of the generator
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image   HTC launched its new smartphone, This dual SIM phone is powered by a quad-core processor also New HTC phones with full specifications, photos, and professional reviews. HTC is a manufacturer of both Android and Windows Mobile based smartphones. All Latest HTC Phones List. Founded in 1997    
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image                                 Motorola has announced a smartwatch Moto 360. The Android-powered Moto 360 will launch this summer in the U.S.

It's time for Moto 360, a truly modern timepiece, designed by Motorola, powered by Android Wear.

In an official blog, the U.S.-based tech major said, "Moto 360 keeps you on time and up to date without taking you out of the moment or distracting you, telling you what you need to know before you know you need it through subtle alerts and notifications. With just a twist of the wrist you can see who's
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image                               Microsoft Corp., which has skewered rival Google Inc. for going through customer emails to deliver ads, acknowledged it had searched emails in a blogger's Hotmail account to track down who was leaking company secrets.

John Frank, deputy general counsel for Microsoft, which owns Hotmail, said in a statement on Thursday that the software company "took extraordinary actions in this case." In the future, he said, Microsoft would consult an outside attorney who is a former judge to determine if a court order would have allowed such a s
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image               Google is hoping to make its Internet-connected eyewear more stylish as part of a partnership with the makers of Ray-Ban and Oakley frames.

The alliance with Italian eyewear company Luxottica Group announced Monday represents Google's latest attempt to make wearable technology look less geeky as it tries to develop new ways to ensure people can stay connected to the Internet wherever they go. Last week, Google disclosed that fashion accessory maker Fossil Group is working on an Internet-connected wristwatch that runs Google's Android software for mobile devices.

Luxottica will develop frames
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image   New York: Social networking giant Facebook's global mobile ad market share, which stood at a little over USD 3 billion in 2013, is witnessing a continuous growth and is expected to eat into tech major Google's share, research firm eMarketer has said in a report.

Facebook and Google together accounted for over 66 per cent of the global mobile ad spending in 2013, that rose over two-fold to USD 17.96 billion, compared to 2012.

"Google still owns a plurality of the mobile advertising market worldwide, taking a portion of nearly 50 per cent in 2013, but the rapid growth of Facebook will cause the search giant's share to drop to 46.8 per cen
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image   London, March 13 - A four-year-old toddler, who has an IQ level similar to renowned scientist Albert Einstein 's, has now joined HELLIQ, an exclusive genius society that only has 85 members worldwide.   Sherwyn Sarabi, from Barnsley, Yorkshire, had scored 160 on the Wechsler scale, which is the highest possible mark on an IQ test, the Daily Express reported.   The child genius, who started school two years early than the normal kids, became a member of Mensa when he was just 3-years-old.   Sarabi's mother said that her son keeps on getting even higher recognition for his abilities.   She asserted that her child is just like other kids and
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image   London, Feb 28 : Finnish researchers have developed a new camera that is able to detect early stages of skin cancer in matter of seconds.

A new innovative hand-held camera developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is able to detect early stages of skin cancer in just two seconds.

"The ultra-precision hyperspectral camera recognises early stages of skin cancer that are invisible to naked eye," said Heikki Saari, principal scientist at VTT.

Researchers have run a pilot study using the hyperspectral camera, and the preliminary results of the study are promising.

The camera was used to detect the skin area
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image                           Washington, Feb. 28 - Microsoft has reportedly slipped from its earlier rank of 17th in 2013 to 24th in 2014, according to Fortune's annual ranking of the world's most admired companies released recently.

Apple however topped the charts again while Amazon and Google were ranked at second and third place respectively.

According to the TC, despite several quarters of strong earnings, Microsoft's long-suffering reputation in the new mobile era has dragged it south.

The ranking, based on responses from business leaders aroun
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image As part of its efforts to tackle growing number of corporate scams, the Securities & Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has decided to make it obligatory for listed companies to provide their employees and directors with a whistle-blower mechanism.

The capital market regulator will incorporate a provision in this regard in its new Corporate Governance Code for listed companies. The Code has already been approved by the regulator's board. The market regulator said the proposal received nineteen comments in its favour, while just one was against it.

The facility aims at encouraging directors as well as employees to report their genuine concerns and any wrongdo
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image   Washington, Feb 21 : HTC is reportedly set to launch three wearable devices at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, including a rumoured Google Now smartwatch.

The Taiwanese manufacturer would introduce a HTC smartwatch, based on Qualcomm's Toq smartwatch and use that company's Mirasol display, featuring Bluetooth connectivity and a music player, apart from an electronic bracelet that plays music.

Sources have revealed that another smartwatch that HTC is working on would be based on the Google Now service, The Verge reports.

Although the Google Now concept is promising, there hasn't been any smartwatch in the market based on th
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