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Hello friends, was wondering if any forum members use bags for traveling or on a daily basis (i.e tote bags, shoulder bags, etc...). I've noticed myself using more often week end bags lately (LV Carryall for example) and putting away my usual shoulder bags which i've been using for many years, i'm not sure about the trend or the culture in other parts of the world such as USA but here in my country (France, Italy) and in my country of residence (Hong Kong) men do carry bags and brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, YSL are becoming very popular, locals have a preference towards Canvas due to its long lasting quality and minimal care, leather is seen every now and then and i have to admit that it's not easy to take care of such material especially when you live in a very humid city (HK). I'm using my ones mainly for business trips or to the gym but found myself sometimes carrying it whenever i go shopping to avoid bringing more bags home. Would like to hear your experiences and opinion on this matter, is it considered too risky for a guy to carry a designer mens bag in your location? Here are some of mine :

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