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Brain Hacking: Girl Has Access to Mother’s Memory
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A nine year-old girl Nandana has been found to have some extra-ordinary abilities living in Sharjah, UAE. According to her mother, she can read her mind quite easily. At first, this seemed to be a coincidence of thoughts to her mother, but, with the passing of time her parents realized it to be just more then coincidence. One of the incidents related to this her mother in these words:

“I used to feel strange when she would come to me and say the name of the food I was thinking of preparing for her. The same way, if my husband and I had decided to take her somewhere, she would know about it without being told about it and would start reacting to it.”

Miracle Girl Nandana has access to mother’s memory

But, this doesn’t happen from her childhood as her mother “Sandhya” told it was difficult to make her understand things in the childhood. It took a month to make her understand a cup is a cup. But, as she grew up her skills were far more skilled and she began to understand at a far more pace.

Khaleej Times reports that her mother after identifying her daughter’s skills didn’t reacted like normal mothers, but, did a certification in applied behaviors analysis and a post graduate diploma in Community-Based Rehabilitation from the Bangalore University in India.

But, Sandhya was unaware of one of the facts regarding her daughter which she soon found out when her daughter was asked questions that was well above her mental skill level. Nandaya, at a brisk pace gave answer to the questions. This made Sandhya understand that it was due to her know-how of the answers that made her daughter to give the correct answer and while questions were asked she was really near to her.

However, it is only her mother’s mind she can read. When Sandhya told her husband about all this she was shocked, but, quickly identified that it was only her mother’s mind that she was able to read properly. At that time, it was difficult for her parents to let the world know about there child’s abilities as she was not able to speak properly even after speech therapy.

So, her mother decided to teach her computer. But, it wasn’t easy for her mother to do it as she was able to write whatever comes into her mother’s miind. If her mother was thinking was space fully write it. Punctuation marks and all the things like that were difficult for her to make understand. It took a month for Sandhya to make her daughter learn the typing skill.

After it nadaya’s parents took her for test. A team of some psychiatrist, special educators and nursing staff took her test. At first they gave poem to her mother to read, after full reading they asked nandaya to write it and she fully write it with 100 percent accracy. Afterwards, sandhiya was provided a number remember, her daughter told to the staff that number instantly.

According to the experts, this was quite unusual for them as they haven’t anything like it before in their careers, this was the first time they had saw such a miraculous ability in such a small child. At this moment, Nandaya is residing in Sharjah where she is being diagnosed for speech therapy.

Via KhaleejTimes

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