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Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers
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The interviews are much important to check the ability of the candidate giving the interview to the interviewer and also stressful for the job seekers even they have gone to the number of interviews. To reduce the stress there is a better way and that is to be prepared for the questions that can be normally asked by an interviewer. The interview has its own importance and it gives an insight of the person possesses the interview. The candidates, going for an interview must review all the questions that likely being asked. And he/she must also review the sample answers to those typical questioning of interviewer.


If you are preparing for the interview, then also research about the company conducting the interviews. Doing this you will be ready with knowledgeable points about the company that help you to give effective answers while interviewing for job.

Reasoning Preparation Tips

From an interviewer point of view the importance of Interview is that they get a chance to see is the applicant/aspirant matches up to the resume. The interviewer observes the personality of the person is he/she perfect for the job or not. The interviewer evaluates many things like the confidence of the person, skills and abilities, attitudes and other activities.

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Form the point of interviewee is that he/she got a chance to expand on good points of resume and can negotiate the bad points. By this interview the person get to know about what the company like behind the front door.
Interview Tips for Freshers 2012
Some of the questions those generally being asked by the interviewer with assumed answers from the interviewee are likely as follows:
1) Tell me about yourself. Use “Picture Frame Approach”
 Suggested Answer -  Answer in about two minutes. Avoid details, don’t amble. Touch on these four areas:
How many years, doing what function, Education credentials, Major responsibility and accomplishments, Personal summary of work style (plus career goals if applicable)
2) Why should we hire you in our Organization?

Suggested Answer -  Tell about the strengths and achievements so far. By this the interviewers come to know about your fitness for the job. Remember in mind that the interviewers are very experienced, so never say something about yourself that is not true. If you try to outsmart saying something untrue will disqualifies you from job opportunity.

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3) What do you know about our organization?
Suggested Answer - Research the target company before the interview. Basic research is the only way to prepare for this question. Do your homework, and you can score big on this question. 
 4) According to your definition of success, how successful have you been so far?
Suggested Answer - Be prepared to define success, and then respond (consistent record of responsibility)
5) Why you want job in a government bank when you can get better salary in private jobs?
Suggested Answer - The question is mostly asked to the candidate about 90% for knowing about the person desirability. The candidate must be prepared for this question and never straight away to say that you didn't get job anywhere in private sectors or saying about the stresses of private jobs. Rather you must be realistic in answer to show your genuine desire of working in a Govt. sector.

Their many puzzling questions that are asked by the interviewer, to check the capturing power and listening skill of the candidates.

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