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Top 10 Worst Computers Of All Time [Infographic]
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It’s easy to sit here and say that technology has always been great because of how fast it has evolved into what it is today. But the reality of technology is that there are way more failures than we might sometimes care to admit. Sure, there are devices and gadgets out there that are just stunningly great, but there are also plenty of innovations that don’t measure up to their reputation. This top 10 worst computers of all time infographic will shed some light on that.

I remember when I had a Spectrum and a Commodore 64 (and later on a Commodore 128) before I upgraded to an Amiga 500. It was heaven. But I can’t lie, there were problems with those computers. Comparing a new MacBook to those old computers is like comparing a Ford model T to a 2014 Lamborghini. As you see, there is not even a point in doing that. The worst computers of all time might have infused innovation and creativity into our lives, but they were absolutely not carefree products that always worked.

So what are the worst computers of all time? Well, at the number one spot we see the Commodore Vic 20. It had its share of ridiculous problems that with today’s technology is just flat out insane. I don’t even think anyone would market such a product if they would have known what we know about technology now.

When it comes to Apple, it is easy to think that all of their stuff has always been pristine and perfect. After all, their design capabilities are highly legendary and are imprinted in most minds. But when it comes to the Apple III computer, things took a turn for the worst. The interesting fact about this computer is that no matter how much we want to think it was great and all, it so happens that there were no engineers involved in the designing of it at all. It was actually the marketing team that designed it before it was marketed, which lead to a whole lot of stuff being completely crunked out.

Have a look at this infographic from Chassis Plans called The Worst Computers Of All Time, and behold the issues, problems and ridiculous expectations some of these computers had. I think when you are done looking through this list, you will appreciate that hatchback of a computer you’re working on now. After all, at least the chips inside won’t pop out just because of the heat. These are truly the worst computers of all time.

Behold The Worst Computers Of All Time


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