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Navel piercing is the type of body piercing around the navel. It is also known as belly button piercing. It can be done vertically or horizontally around navel. It is mostly liked by females. Actually navel piercing has now become a trend and fashion symbol. It looks classy on girls wearing short tops. From historic perspective navel piercing was a sign of courage. In wars people did this to show bravery. Egyptians did this practice and it was done by both men and women. Well today navel piercing is one of the most popular body piercing. Navel jewelry is of different types. Barbells and rings are use as its jewelry. Now there is a variety of navel jewelry in market. They are more attractive and eye-catching. Navel rings are of different colors and types of different price. Navel piercing is hurtful activity. The healing time of navel piercing is from 5 to 6 months. A lot of care is required to do this because it can cause infection. Go to some experienced worker for navel piercing and don’t touch the pierced area and jewelry after piercing. Give it some time, do not move the jewelry and take care of the pierced area while sleeping. Steam clean your belly button or clean it with salty water after a day after piercing. Do not wear tight and restricted clothes. Well it is a stunning way of piercing and a wide range of bell rings in jewelry is present in markets. Vertical and horizontal navel piercings are done with piercing equipment's which are clean and designed so they do not hurt the body. Now navel piercing is one of the most popular piercings.

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