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Mermaid Found Near Black Sea in Bulgaria – True or Hoax?

This image at left is getting viral in social media today. It is captioned, “mermaid found in bulgaria‘. The caption is not true. The image is a combination of three different images combined using a photo manipulation software, most probably, Photoshop.

In other version of this story, it is said that the skeleton of the mermaid is unearthed near Black Sea in Bulgaria.

Leaning to manipulate photo is a fun activity but to fool other people about fabricated stories is not a good practice.

The mermaid skeleton is actually the “Mermaid Skeleton Found!” art by the1calledDAN, 6th place entry in Archaeological Anomalies 13 – Amazing archaeological discoveries! from Worth 1000, an image manipulation and contest website.

That image from Worth 1000 is edited and added with a photo of a man in black t-shirt and the image is set in low resolution to become more realistic.

The original human skeleton photo is also shown below, at the left, and manipulated mermaid skeleton is one t right.

Mermaid Found Near Black Sea in Bulgaria – True or Hoax?

“Mermaid found in Bulgaria” is not true, it’s hoax.

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