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How Video Games Can Make You Smarter
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How video games makes you smarter ?"The brain is like any other muscle -- if you don't use it then you lose it," Dr. Raza Naqvi recently said following his Canadian study on the human mind.

This is great news if you have recently: (a) forgotten the names of acquaintances (or worse yet your children and extended family); (b) find it horrifically challenging to focus on a task; (c) misplace your keys and other belongings (only to find them hours later); or (d) all of the above — and more.

Thankfully, the study reveals that we human beings can overcome these challenges and sharpen our minds through the use of cognitive training exercises.

In doing so, Dr. Nagvi and other leading experts conclude that neural connections are naturally built — making such efforts more powerful at helping the human mind than prescription medications and vitamin supplements.

This is inspiring for two reasons. First, it proves that you have the ability to reach for, and gain, higher levels of mental clarity, concentration, and memory recall. You never have to be stagnant, and there is ALWAYS room for growth.

And, second, you have the power within your own being to significantly slow down and/or prevent cognitive decline as you age.

According to leading experts, the surest ways to strengthen your brain include:

  • Brain games, exercises, and puzzles
  • Reading
  • Challenging projects
  • Deep discussions

The great news surrounding brain games and exercises is that there are some valuable online resources that you can access right now. The #1 rated resource on the web is Lumosity, which is noted for its dynamic, entertaining, and comprehensive brain building system.

Developed by some of the greatest and most innovative minds in the San Francisco Bay Area, the web-based company has developed the very first "brain training program" specifically designed to help people improve, regain, and retain mental sharpness.

Neuroscientists and experts from  Berkeley, Columbia, Stanford University, and other leading universities have guided Lumosity in the building of a system that is both effective and really fun.

Giving the system a try is easy and painless. All you have to do is create a free trial account, and in minutes you will be engaging in targeted exercises that are modified and enhanced as you build new levels of mental clarity.

More than 35 million people worldwide use the system — many of whom have reported clearer and quicker thinking, improved memory for names, numbers, directions, increased alertness, elevated mood, and better concentration. And if friendly competition is your thing, as you progress, your scores are stacked up against other individuals in your age group so you can see your improvement.


Want to give Lumosity a whirl? Click here to get started. If you decide that you want to upgrade your free account to fully engage in Lumosity training, you can invest in a modest subscription fee and quickly reap the rewards.

By supplementing these brain games with reading, mentally challenging projects, and plenty of profound discussions you'll be flexing your mind muscles and on your way to a better future!

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