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1 .) First Contact on Earth :

Alien First Contact

It is thought that the first contact with aliens was in the Cape Girardeau Crash Retrieval. Here, a local minister was brought in to give some dying aliens their last rites.


2.) Cosmic Connexion

Cosmic Connexion

The French decided to beam a TV show with extraterrestrials in mind as their audience. It's headed to Errai, which is roughly 45 light years away. Hope they like the debut.


3.) Voyager Probes

Voyager Probes

Both Voyager probes sent in 1977 included a 12 inch record with whale sounds, greetings in 55 languages and let's not forget the Bulgarian folk music.


4.) SETI Institute

SETI Institute

Privately funded and costing $5 million yearly, this California system has scanned more than 1,000 stars and found nothing.


5.) Kepler DVD

Kepler DVD

A few years ago, this DVD was included with the Kepler spacecraft. This ship is meant to try to find habitable planets in the Milky Way. The vessel is a golden record that has messages gathered over a 6 month period.


6.) RuBisCo Message

RuBisCo Message

RuBisCo is Earth's most abundant protein and essential for photosynthesis. This message was sent recently to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Arecibo message. It is also the first message to have used an iPhone as an improvised source to get the message to the massive dish.


7.) Cosmic Call 1

Cosmic Call 1

This as well as Cosmic Call 2 was sent out by Alexander Zaitsev to stars nearly 70 light years away. The main thing in this message is an "Interstellar Rosetta Stone" which uses scientific and mathematical concepts that are thought to be universal.


8.) Cosmic Call 2

Cosmic Call 2

Unlike Cosmic Call 1, this message was also sent out to Cancri 5 (another star thought to have a complex system). It also included 50 personal messages from Ukrainian elementary students and even David Bowie.


9.) Ello Mate

Ello Mate

This broadcast has been dubbed "Message from Australia" and its not hard to guess where it was sent from. This message was sent in 2009, taking after Bebo's effort. It was sent to Gliese 581D and should arrive in 2029.


10.) Pioneer 10

Pioneer 10

It was the first spacecraft (unmanned) to reach Jupiter and Saturn. In its space voyage, it was equipped with a gold anodized plaque that had some friendly messages for any aliens that may find it.


11.) Pioneer 11

Pioneer 11

This spacecraft followed the same path as Pioneer 10 and is presumably still going, although contact has been lost with it. Much like the plaque in Pioneer 10, it shows a man and woman with their right hand raised in a sign of goodwill. Also it has coordinates to triangulate the position of Earth.


12.) The Teen-Age Message (TAM)

The Teen-Age Message (TAM)

This message was put together by Russian students from the entire country and Zaitsev had a hand in this one. They didn't take chances and broadcasted the message to 6 different sunlike stars from the Evpatoria Deep Space Center. Some of the message included music made with the theremin.


13.) Arecibo Message

Arecibo Message

Don't hold your breath on this one, since the target is 21,000 light years away, near the edge of the Milky Way. It was sent from the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico 37 years ago. This message included a diagram of the telescope, human DNA, a stick figure of what man looks like, among other things.


14.) Doritos Commercial

Doritos Commercial

Their Earth sales are not enough, they are going intergalactic. In 2008 there were multiple hours of Doritos commercials broadcasted from the Artic Circle. The target was Ursa Major, which is 42 light years away.


15.) A Message From Earth

A Message From Earth

Facebook, move over because the intergalactic social media belongs to Bebo. This site held a contest in 2008 and chose 501 drawings, messages and photos to be sent to planet Gliese 581C. The target is merely 20 light years away

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