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Best Ways To Send Self Destructing Email
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Best Ways To Send Self Destructing Emailou might have thought about it but would have let it drift from your mind because it sounds very silly. How can an email get deleted itself? Life is not a movie based on some super hacker, but you can surely send self destructing email.

Yes, there are number of services in the market which would let you send messages to other people which would get deleted once the other person reads it. And I guess, this is what you are looking for. If yes, then you have landed on to the right page. Lets learn more about it.



Best Ways To Send Self Destructing Email


This is another easy to use service which actually gives you an URL for the whatever message you have typed. And once the URL is opened for the first time, it gets invalidated and no one can again use it. And this service promises that the message is deleted from their servers too, which makes it a trust worthy service.


Its a pretty interesting concept on which it works. All you are supposed to do is get onto its website, type in the content that you wish to share, and click on Create Note button. Once done, it would give you a link which can be used in your email. The reader would click on this URL to read the message and once he/she reads it, the URL will get expired.

Self Destructing Message

This is pretty solid web service that I want you to check out if you are looking for some good ways to send out a message that could destroy itself. It lets you send mails anonymously as well as generate links for the messages. Then you need to click on the drop down and choose the seconds (number of seconds till which the reader can have the message opened), type you message and click on Create Message button. That is it.

These are three webservices that I have used and found them pretty handy. There are dozens of such services available on Internet, but its all about your preference. Do let us know if this list was helpful.

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