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Bad Beauty habitsBiting a nail off, smearing lipstick right across your lips, or falling asleep with your makeup on are definitely some habits that are extremely gross. Before these habits wreck your beauty regime, here are things that you must do

Don't pick/touch acne, scars
Many women have the habit of touching their acne, scars. Did you know that more than a third of the population is also guilty of picking? Picking at your scabs and pimples can cause infection and make things even more complicated. It may also lead to scars which might leave a permanent mark. As for scabs, leave them alone. If you get acne, just don't touch it with your finger. Apply benzoyl peroxide or visit your dermatologist to seek help.

Don't bite your nails
Did you know that an average human touches thousands of surfaces and objects every day? We all know that touching unknown surface or object might lead to infection. Bacteria lives under your nails and if you bite it, chances are there that it will go in your stomach. Thus wash your hands with warm water and soap and make sure that you keep your nails clean.

Don't scratch your head
More often than not, people have a tendency to scratch their head as and when they feel like. Not only does scratching your head cause damage to your roots, but it also shakes out all the dandruff flakes (if you have any) on your shirt. This looks very gross. If your head itches, instead of scratching, try tapping the area or gently rubbing it with your fingertips.

Don't forget to wash your face
Many women have the habit of skipping a face wash once or twice in a day. Did you know that according to dermatologists, you must wash your face at least three to five times, depending on your skin type? Pollution causes bacteria, wrinkles and ageing spots.

Though we all have bad habits, who says you can't turn bad into something good? Try and change your bad habits and clean up your act!

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