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simple tips for good vision
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Eye health: Top 20 tips for good visionToday more and more people are turning to a victim of vision impairment due to erratic lifestyles.

Stuck to their computers, LCDs every body is busy ruining their eye sight for the sake of entertainment or work. Ophthalmologist Dr. Vijay Bhatt, gives simple tips for your eyes and improve vision.

Tip for Good Vision # 1: Load up with fish

Adding fish to your diet at least once to twice a week, is the best way to avoid dry-eye syndrome, as fishes are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids.

Tip for Good Vision # 2: Get a regular check-up

Even if you have good vision and have no trouble in reading, go for a vision check at least once a year. This is very good way to detect various eye related ailments and prevent it with proper treatment.

Tip for Good Vision # 3: Keep blinking

Constantly blinking your eyes is a very simple way to keep your eyes fresh and avoid eyestrain. Computer users tend to blink their eyes very less, thus it is recommended that they should follow the exercise of blinking their eyes every three-four seconds.

Tip for Good Vision # 4: Do relaxation exercise

Performing relaxation exercises like placing your hands together, palm to palm and rubbing them to create some heat and placing them on your eyes is a great method to avoid eyestrain. Another great way to relax your eyes is by shutting your eyes and imagining something you like it can be a place, clothes or your wonderland.

Tip for Good Vision # 5: Focus on distance

Since we spent most of the time starring at close objects, adopt a habit of looking at distant things. Try looking at distant objects in your surrounding while walking or sitting.

Tip for Good Vision # 6: Go get some sunshine

Sunshine is the best free treatment for your eyes. Getting some morning or late evening sunshine will help to improve the eyes and pupils, by loosening the tight nerve muscles.

Tip for Good Vision # 7: Treat blurry vision with a glass of water

Water is the best remedy for all your problems. Keep sipping lots of water at regular intervals, because a less frequent blurry vision can be due to dehydration.

Tip for Good Vision # 8: Avoid dry air

Never let the air-conditioned air from your car or your office suck all the moisture from your eyes. Always vent down your A/C panel downwards or away from your face. Air conditioner air can cause serious dryness, which can further cause blindness or any other cornea disorder.

Tip for Good Vision # 9: Wear safety goggles

Eye injuries can also impair your vision in a great way, in order to avoid it always remember to wear safety goggles or eyewear, while working with chemicals, playing sports, bursting crackers or while swimming.

Tip for Good Vision # 10: Lower the brightness level

If you use computer for a longer duration, make sure to lower down the brightness level in order to help your eyes to relax. Don't lower it too much, keep it in moderation.

Tip for Good Vision # 11: Eat eggs

Eating eggs will help you to load your body with lutein and zeaxanthin, which helps to promote sharp vision and reduce age-related eye diseases, which can cause blindness.

Tip for Good Vision # 12: Wash your eyes frequently

If you feel that your eyes are strained, go to the washroom and wash your eyes thoroughly. Make this a daily habit. Splashing your eyes with water will help to relieve your eyes from excessive stress and make them fresh.

Tip for Good Vision # 13: Quit smoking

Excessive smoking can make you more prone to eye problems like cataracts, optic nerve damage and macular degeneration. In order to avoid these eye problems, quit smoking for better eye health.

Tip for Good Vision # 14: Wear sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses when you are outdoors will help to protect your eyes from sun damage. The UV rays from your sun can increase your risk to cataracts and other eye related problems. While choosing sunglasses make sure that, you pick the ones, which provide 100% UV protection.

Tip for Good Vision # 15: Remove eye make-up

Before going to bed, make sure you remove all you eye make-up. Removing eye make at night will help to prevent pieces of make-up from entering your eye, which can create irritation in the eye.

Tip for Good Vision # 16: Have lots of spinach

Steam it or saute, but make sure to add spinach to your diet at its maximum. Spinach is loaded with lutein and various other nutrients, which can helps to prevent many eye related problems like cataracts and blurry vision.

Tip for Good Vision # 17: Take breaks

If you are hooked to some book or work for longer duration, then take regular breaks. Look up or go for a walk, this will help to prevent eyestrain and eye fatigue.

Tip for Good Vision # 18: Get a head massage

Once in a week dab some essential oil like jasmine or massage your head with coconut oil on your head. This will help to increase the beta waves in your front brain, which will enhance wakefulness and enable you to focus better.

Tip for Good Vision # 19: Sleep well

Inadequate sleep can make your tired and give you a headache, which can make your vision blurry. Thus, sleep well, which can assist in better vision and help your eye muscles to relax.

Tip for Good Vision # 20: Eat eye food

Nourish your eyes with eye foods like carrots, apricots and blueberries. All these foods are rich in beta-carotene and are good for your eyes.



Editor's Note: This article was originally published by Times Of India, here, and is licenced as Public Domain under Creative Commons. See Creative Commons - Attribution Licence.

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