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Parents watching your online activities
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Just when you thought you had the wings to fly, you hit a cloud. Perfect description for the many youth today who take to networking sites to vent their feelings and only end up frustrated cause they have to temper that down cause their folks are on the social network too. While some resort to measures such as blocking their parents others just don't accept their requests. There is also a segment of those whose parents are 'kool' with the stuff their kids write. 

On the watch! 

Many parents seldom see eye to eye with what their kids do online.Gwendoline Valles, a 16 year old girl from Calangute says, "Umm... It's difficult to explain! It's a bit like.. Let's say, it sort of feels like they don't trust you on your own on a social networking site. They have to be there, liking, commenting, on whatever you may post. Also, if they don't like something you posted online, you have to hear A LOT from them. Being on social network is like having a social life. That is, if you're not allowed to go out much with your friends. You don't exactly want your parents watching you the whole time, even when you're at home. If your parents are on Facebook that means, you have to be on your best behavior there too. If they see something on your wall, even if it was just shared by somebody else or a page you liked, they think you did it, and then there are so many things they ask you. 

Think twice 

Knowing someone is reading your post can bring about a wave of the self-conscious over you. Swapnil Saglani, Management Trainee says "My dad is online but he doesn't ask me about anything. He pulls my leg by saying things like 'I have more friends than you; I will add your girlfriends etc...all in good humour. But yes, I sometimes avoid posting things because I know he might read it. Stuff like if I am going for a late night movie... I can't post it because I haven't told him about it." 

The 'Kool' kids 

Swapnil Salkar, a doctor from Bicholim says that his dad who is on Facebook is "very cool about whatever he does...he is broadminded". He adds tongue in cheek, "My parents know that I might be a rebel but I am not an uncouth guy." Ashwin Shukla, a student from Porvorim says that although his folks are on networking sites, they do not monitor his activities and hardly ever ask what or why he has posted something. He says, "I think parents checking up on their kids is a good thing as long as they are just kids...after a point a child ceases to be a child...that being said adults need privacy and other adults including their parents ought to respect that." Swapnil adds," personally I think the presence of parents shouldn't stifle the freedom of speech of children. Both have to accept the generation gap and move on with it."

Source : Times of India

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