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NewspaperInsert in Mumbai : an effective marketing tool !!!
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Everyday, when you pick up your copy of the Newspaper In the Morning, you will get atleast two NewspaperInserts and on weekends, the Count  is even more. You pick it up, look at it and if it interests you, you put it aside for future reference…that’s the power of NewspaperInserts! NewspaperInserts are increasingly used for promotional offers from time to time, to lure new and existing customers. While you must have recalled that Big Bazaar,Dmart promotes their stores with a 4-page colour  insert, mostly on the weekends, when people do most of their shopping. Infact, Sunday newspapers are the primary carriers of inserts, particularly of discounts offers etc.
Take a Example of Working couple, who works  in shift jobs, coming home at odd hours. The first thing they do is to look for an NewspaperInsert of a nearby restaurant like Pizza Hut,Dominos or any nearby Restaurants  etc, which they received the day before with their localnewspaper and place their order for home delivery. This is just another way how NewspapersInsertions play an integral role in our lives.
In today’s fast growing communication era, the number of newspapers is increasing in all regions of our country. On an average there are 40-50 Newspapers In Our Country and one can also see daily new newspaper or a new edition launched everyday. The readers are being pushed to subscribe to another newspaper at an attractive discounted price and go away with the paper they  have been reading for a number of years. Sometimes, the readers are being lured to accept one or more newspapers on a complimentary basis. But, in this FastMoving lifestyle, it is practically impossible for anybody to read more than two newspapers . This is the apathy of the readers whom we can term as ‘consumers’ but see the other side of the coin, where the advertisers are putting a lot of money in their advertisements in these newspapers but with this growing competition of newspapers, they are getting lower visibility in terms of actual readership. The per copy visibility has therefore sharply come down because of all this. In such a scenario, local advertisers with limited budgets have to think twice about spreading their advertising message in a limited geographical area.
These advertisers normally do not get value for money they spend on newspaper advertising. For such advertisers, the latest trend of colourful NewspaperInserts placed in the newspapers is proving a boon.NewspaperInserts enable advertisers to target their advertisements to specific geographic markets or we can say particular Pincode at a much reasonable amount than Newspaper Advertsing.NewspaperInsert is one of the Cost Effective Methods of Advertsing. One can practically remember of receiving 10 Pamphlets printed in black and white, generally for ‘home tuition’ in a particular locality. Mostly, we get inserts of local hotels, General stores, summer camps for children, schools, etc. Today, even multinationals like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and lately bigger retail chains like Big Bazaar, etc, have adopted this advertising route.
This kind of advertising directly reaches into the homes of the potential customers. It is estimated that almost 61% of the costomers use atleast one NewspapeInsert to make a purchasing decision while 80% of adults read Newspaperinserts. Thus, the probability of reaching the target audience is quite high through this medium. Advertisers can target a small audience or even a wider one, depending upon their reach and the type of product/service they are marketing.



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