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The word ‘tweet’ added to Oxford English Dictionary
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The word ‘tweet’ added to Oxford English Dictionaryhe word tweet now officially means two things: the chirp of a bird and to post a message to social-networking site Twitter.
The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) the widely accepted authority of the English language has announced that it has included an official second definition for the word tweet. The new definition describes tweet as "To make a posting on the social networking service Twitter. Also: to use Twitter regularly or habitually."
The word tweet, as it relates to Twitter, is thus now officially part of the English language.
OED chief editor John Simpson announced the addition of the word tweet, as it relates to Twitter, in a June update.
Simpson also noted here that the new addition broke at least one rule of OED - a new word needs to be in use for at least ten years before consideration for inclusion.
Strangely, the word `retweet' - the act of reposting another Twitter user's message, was included in the OED in 2011. The OED did not give any explanation as to why it accepted the word `retweet' first.
Widely popular micro-blogging site Twitter allows users to send and receive messages (tweets) in up to 140 characters. As many as 340 million tweets are posted on the platform every day.
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