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Women take 3 minutes to like a man?
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The study also revealed that women rarely change their mind about a man after their initial reaction — and believe they are 'always right' in their assumptions and judgments. However, most women from the entertainment industry don't endorse this idea. Read on...

Pooja Gor
It takes months and sometimes years to know a person. Important traits like a caring nature, the sense of security a guy can give, cannot be known in three minutes.
Of course, for some, love happens at first sight. But then again some people date for 10 years, and get divorced within a year after marriage. I really don't know how long it would take me to know that someone is my Mr Right.
Rashmi Desai
Even as an amateur teen I can't think about making up my mind about a guy in just three minutes. Nandish and I were acting in same show. Initially we'd fight a lot. We didn't even realize when we fell in love. The first few things I noticed in Nandish was the way he spoke to people and of course, his sense of humour.
Sanjeeda Shaikh
Even lust can't happen in three minutes. I was friends with Aamir close to a year
before we embarked on a relationship. But I took my own sweet time and finally after six years, I got married. The things that matter to me in a guy are his sense of humour, gentle
nature; and I saw these qualities in Aamir. I fell in love with the way he loved me, and it took me little time to realize and not three minutes (laughs).
Shaurya Chauhaan
I don't agree with this finding. Of course, first impressions are important. The way a man talks and his presentation needs to be good. To know more about him it could take as long as three decades (laughs).
Tanushree Dutta
I do agree with this study. It's just that women don't trust their instincts and end up wasting more than three minutes figuring it out. I usually know in less than a minute but like most women, I don't trust it very much. Since men are so smart when it comes to dealing with women, I like to give it sometime just so that I can be sure. And with time, my instincts are growing sharper. Hence I'm still single (laughs).
Neetu Chandra
In three minutes you may know that you are interested in someone. The first few things that I notice in a man would be his posture, the way he speaks, how chivalrous he is and how he smells. But I can't decide within three minutes if I'd want to be in a long-term relationship with him. The first few times men are always at their best behaviour, so a few dates are needed to know the real person.
Raima Sen
I agree. Women are more instinctive. At least I feel I'd know my Mr Right when I see him. It's the way he looks at you. A man's eyes, smile, manners and charm are what I'd notice first.
Manasi Parekh Gohil
I don't believe in the concept of Mr Right. For me it's about how much effort you put in to making the relationship right. When two people come together, they need to work hard to make it work. My husband Parthiv and I have had a lot of ups and downs, but we take it one day at a time.
Sourse : Times of India

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