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The living room of any house is where all the occupants of the home gather, thus the atmosphere of the living room should be peaceful and calm. 

Follow these points to maximise the positive influences in your home. 
Paintings for your living room: 
Landscapes depicting sunrise, water or mountains signify hope. 
Portraits of people with serene and smiling faces encourage positive feelings. 
Cascading water symbolises good luck. 
Paintings based on geometric shapes increases destructive feelings. Keep them at bay. 
Paintings depicting wild and vicious animals induce poor health. Do not put up such paintings. 
Refrain from painting your living room with the colour red. It invokes irritability. 
Lambs are symbolic of luck. 
Images of swimming fish signify longevity 
Plants for your living room: 
Most plants are said to have a positive influence as long as they are not wilting. Cacti and plants with sharp and spiky leaves are best kept out of your house. Plastic or artificial plants are neutral and do not affect Feng Shui. 
Carpets for your living room: 
Choose carpets and rugs in colours that correspond to the direction you place them in. Carpets that cover your whole room should suit the direction of the room itself. 
Pets for your house: 
Cats are said to be the element wood, so the colours for their bedding should be black, blue or green. Red is a bad choice for a cat's bedding. If you have front doors opening to the northeast, south or northwest will make your cat strong and healthy. While the southwest and north are bad considered to be bad openings for cats. 
Dogs are said to belong to the element earth. Choose a brown or a yellow basket for them. White baskets are said to make them fall ill. Main doors which face the southwest, northeast or south makes a dog healthy and stronger while those facing east or southeast can make them fall ill.
Sourse  :  Times of India

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