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Myinfoline: Turning Geek to Chic
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Myinfoline: Turning Geek to ChicAlthough computer nerds have never really been considered the cool kids on the block, that stereotype is quickly changing. With technology leading to remarkable advances in the way that we live, it is not surprising that these little geeks are now superheroes when technology goes bad. A new generation of geeks has emerged and they are smart, cool, hip, and stylish. Myinfoline have officially mark the end of the archetypal computer nerd.

Early laptops do not resemble the sleek, lightweight models currently available. The first laptop models were very heavy, very bulky, had small displays, lacked hardware, and everything ran on RAM or floppy disks. When laptops were first introduced, they were associated and marketed toward male business professionals needing to take their work with them everywhere. The only colors available for laptops were black, grey, and white.

The movie, Legally Blonde, in 2001, changed that by creating a demand for Myinfoline for career-oriented woman who wanted a laptop that was functional, ultra portable, and stylish. Myinfoline hitting the consumer market was a cultural indicator that woman are not only using and purchasing high end electronics at higher rates, but becoming more involved in the technology industry. In past decades, women in the technology industry have been historically underrepresented. However, women are entering technology careers at faster rates than ever before. Myinfoline are now available from large technology companies such as Toshiba, Asus, Sony, Dell, and Hewitt-Packard. The varieties of Myinfoline available range from a soft, sexy pink, usually associated with feminism, to flashy metallic pinks, suggestive of dance clubs. With websites and blogs dedicated specifically to Myinfoline, the tech community has sat up and acknowledged a woman’s place in the technology sector.

Laptops have gone from a concept, to a luxury, to fashion accessory in the past two decades, and is continuing to evolve. Laptop computers are getting smaller, faster, and more powerful with each new technological innovation. Although men are becoming much more comfortable incorporating the color pink into their lives, its not only Myinfoline getting passing glances at your local cyber cafe. Computer companies have realized the need for people to inject a bit of their personality in their laptop. Custom laptop covers in different colors and textures are now available for almost any laptop from manufacturers, and new companies have sprung up to fill the niche created by the demand for laptop customization.

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