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What’s the new-age symbol of love?
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A pair of doves, a heart... these may have always been used to symbolise love, but have changing times replaced them? That's the question we posed to celeb couples and this is what they had to say...

Since time immemorial, people have found it difficult to define love and express it — whether through lyrics, sculptures, poems or paintings. That's where symbols have stepped in — to bridge this gap using symbols of love that are universally acknowledged. We quizzed celebs about the need to explore new symbols of love in an age where relationships and feelings are being constantly tested by the lure of instant gratification and the thrill of living on the edge. 
Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali 
Jay: I feel the virtual world has become the new-age symbol of love. I can add and delete the ones I want without worrying about emotions. I can emote virtually without showing my true face. And because of these reasons, many find their life partners through the virtual world. A virtual mask in a very selfish world is what I love. 
Mahhi: Cellphones seem to have become the new-age symbols of love. Earlier lovers would post letters to each other, today you can be in any part of the world and stay connected using BBM or video chats. Our cellphones are bridging the gap between lovers. 
Rashami Desai and Nandish Sandhu 
Nandish: The new-age symbol of love, according to me, is emoticons. People have become so busy that they don't even have the patience to write. Emoticons have become the easiest way to express yourself. And it's safe also. In case it backfires, you always have the option to say 'kiss as a friend yaar' or 'heart was coz I love you as a friend'. 
Rashami: According to me, the new-age symbol of love is the internet and social networking sites. Nowdays, people fall in love and get married after meeting on social networking sites. The internet has actually become the symbol of love for this generation. 
Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera Shah 
Krushna: There is no new symbol of love. People in love actually don't rely on gifts or symbols to express their love. Their eyes still talk. Like I don't need to know when Kash is upset. All I need to do is send her a smiley. Yes, the way we express ourselves today has changed, but the symbols will be the same. 
Kashmera: For me the heart has and will always be an eternal symbol of love. 
Dominique and Clinton Cerejo 
Clinton: There's a song, We Will Dance, by gospel artist Steven Curtis Chapman from the album, All About Love. I would love to share the lyrics of the song. It's a song that communicates so powerfully the undying nature of true love. Through the good and bad, highs and lows.... 
Dominique: Love, for me, is eternal and nothing represents that better than the plain little gold ring I wear on my left hand. It has no beginning and end. It transcends space and time.It is purified in the furnace of life and constantly reminds me of the precious 'other' in my life. 
Other popular symbols of love 
Cupid: Cupid or Eros means desire in Greek. Eros is said to have been born from the union of Aphrodite and Ares. Known as Amor (meaning love) to the Romans, Cupid was often shown blindfolded in art to symbolise the fact that we tend to be blind when in love. 
Harp: The harp has been used as a symbol of love in lyrical art, poetry and music. In certain cultures, it represents the bridge of love connecting heaven and earth. In Norway and Iceland, harpstrings formed a ladder symbolising the ascent to higher states of love and pathways leading to paradise. 
Heart: The heart has long been recognised across cultures as being a symbol of love and compassion. 
Maple leaf: In China and Japan, the maple leaf is an emblem of lovers. They serve as a love symbol as they depict the sweetness and wonder of love in every-day life. 
Rose: In ancient Greece and Rome, the rose was sacred to Aphrodite (Venus) and was said to grow from the blood of Adonis. In the Western traditions, the rose is a symbol of passion, desire and physical perfection.
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