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sub icon,width-300,resizemode-4/Jimmy-Shergill.jpgJimmy Sheirgill, who was to attend the Delhi premiere of his film Rajdhani Express on Wednesday, skipped it because he felt it is not the right thing to do at a time when the nation was crying for justice.

"I was shooting in Chambal, and I had done the interviews for this film over the phone. Then I was told of this press conference and premiere. I told them well in advance that I will attend the press conference, which I did, but not the premiere - because the latter, no matter how subdued, will involve celebration," he said.

Not only that, Jimmy also cancelled his NY celebration plans. "We were in no mood to party, and so, we ended up staying at home, cancelling all our plans," he revealed.

Jimmy has been vocal about his opinions on the gang rape case, and he said, "Much has happened since the recent gang rape case in Delhi. And I have been very vocal about it on Twitter and all - I strongly feel we should act, do something, do everything we can. This is the time to stand in solidarity with thousands seeking justice out there. I have been supporting those fighting against the rape case, seeking justice for the accused and I will do everything I possibly can for that. But at the press conference, I was asked about some singer, and his lyrics and all. What is this? We have bigger issues to take care of. These issues can be taken care of by the Censor Board. But let's not deviate from the real issue here. We should, like other countries, have such drastic laws that any man who even thinks of violating the established code, should shiver in fear. What image have we portrayed internationally? There are tourist advisories about getting into a bus in India now. What are we trying to portray? India = rape cases? This is shameful."

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