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Subscribers want Newspaper Inserts, not junk mails
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We all like receiving freebies be it coupons or other offers. But, which is the most preferred way to receive them is very much debatable. Marketers are switching on to newer and technologically advanced methods to promote their product or services, but traditional media has not lost its effectiveness.
In December 2012, Valassis (VCI), one of the US's leading media and marketing services companies, announced results from its Consumer Print Usage Survey. Results indicate that while digital is key with Millennial shoppers (ages 18-34), traditional print media also plays an important role in the group's shopping routines and are not only instrumental in decision-making, but often serve as a catalyst to online shopping.
Valassis' Consumer Print Usage Survey revealed 91% of Millennial who use newspaper inserts do so to save money, and 60% said they would shop less without newspaper inserts. Newspaper inserts guide Millennials prior to shopping in several ways: by alerting them to sales (68%); driving them to purchase (51%); reminding them of a need (46%); helping them decide where to buy (35%); and alerting them of a product or service (26%). Survey results also uncovered 30% of millennial newspaper insert users go online after seeing a product or service in a newspaper insert.
The survey also provides insights into Millennial shopping behaviors and the role newspaper inserts play in the shopping routines of this deal-seeking generation.  The survey platform was selected based on its history of heavy millennial use 86% of Millennials visit Facebook every day.
In addition, the study also found that millennial shoppers use newspaper inserts when choosing restaurants, apparel, telecom products and services and more:
87% of Millennials who use newspaper inserts utilize them regularly or occasionally when selecting a restaurant;
84% of Millennials use inserts to find coupons or discounts when shopping for apparel, and 71% use inserts to find the best price; and
64% of Millennials who use newspaper inserts look to them when making decisions on telecom products and services.
Newspaper inserts, on average, are kept in homes for 3 or more days (62 percent keep them 3 or more days). Heavy insert users, particularly women, keep inserts much longer and inserts from product categories that are more expensive purchases are also kept longer. One-fourth of readers keep inserts that interest them a week. 35 percent of all women age 35-54 keep preprints at least a week, as do 34 percent of African Americans.
On the other hand, junk mails are very less appreciated by all. Last year, Americans were sent about 84 billion pieces of junk mail, according to the U.S. Post Office, and they have apparently had enough.
Frustration with mailboxes cluttered with fliers and catalogs has finally caught up with junk mail companies, and it's been a long time coming, study researchers say, as junk mail makes up about 50% of all mail delivered in the U.S. today.
India has become the top spam-spewing nation on the planet, suggests a report.
Compiled by security firm Sophos, the report ranks nations by the amount of junk mail routed through computers in each country.
India has jumped to the top of the spam chart in less than a year, rapidly overtaking the US, said Sophos. About 10% of all junk mail sent across the web came from or passed through computers in India, said the firm. India's rapid rise up the chart of spam producers has been helped by the rapid growth of the web in the country.

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