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Why you should not stay in touch with ex
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It is extremely tempting to get back with an ex, because a known devil is better than an unknown one. Here are reasons why you should stay out of touch...

Have you ever been treated like a backup plan or been in a relationship that was emotionally taxing /abusive or both. Well,you're not an exception. But the one thing you really need to do is, follow the No Contact Rule. This age-old resolution spells never keep in touch with your ex because, no two exes can ever stay friends without one being emotionally used by the other. There's always one who moves on and the other who lingers on. If you still think were wrong, here's why you should follow the No Contact Rule.
To move on
If you are sure about moving on and starting afresh, say never to see again instead of goodbye. No two exes can just be friends. To walk out of a relationship completely is an important step. It may make one of you miss your relationship and want to come back while the other person may think otherwise.
Broken memories
Every time you talk to your ex, chances are you'd be reminded of some memory from the past. While it may just be another happy memory for your ex, you may want to relive it. Also, even if you have to rebuild new memories, you'll be constantly comparing it to your past.
Frustating to see him/her move on 
Your ex may be extremely comfortable telling you who he/she is dating. You, unable to be the friend they want you to be, will be left weeping alone. Even if the other person is not in a relationship, imagine hearing about their flirty tales! Wouldn't that break your heart.
The on-and-off curse 
Staying in touch with your ex could spark up the chemistry, but only when one of you is lonely. And once that phase is over, things go back to square one. The result you'd be in an on-off relationship, with no clarity about where you stand. Also, would you be comfortable in a no strings-attached relationship while you feel strongly for the other person. Think about it!
You lose prospective partners
Just because you are in touch with your ex, you'd be bound by a moral obligation to not date anyone else. Imagine, the only reason you are not with someone who may be more loving is because you don't want to break away from an ex, who has moved on completely. But just to remind you, while you stay miserable, your ex may be having fun.
How to keep off
1. Use strong words to communicate that you need to stop talking.
2. Do not attend calls or reply to messages even if they initiate it.
3. For some time, avoid places where you are bound to bump into your ex.
4. Don't allow mutual friends to play elves. Tell them politely to stay away from your personal matter.
5. Don't respond to the sad status messages on their social networking sites or the tales they've spread about their heartbreak.They'll get over it in no time.

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