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Things men don’t want to say but mean to
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Here is a list that may help you understand your man better...

Who says only women are difficult to understand? It is not always easy to find out what a man really wants because most of the time he does not convey it in words. Here is a list that may help you understand your man better:
I like being the 'boy' friend
Most men prefer remaining Peter Pan for all their lives if possible. Girls often think that guys are players-at-heart who love the single life and only settle down for societal norms. Don't be surprised but that's the truth. While there might be some guys who would like to have one in hand and one in bush and love chasing around other women too, fact of the matter is that most of them love being the immature children. Girls anyway love to play mom.
I want you to be on your toes for me
While men like the chase, but sometimes they would rather be the chased. Especially when the initial stages of the impression making is done with. If you keep acting pricey, you might actually be pushing them away from you. Once they reveal their love, everything changes. So once you've got a person, play the game of attention giving on an equivalent scale. Too much pampering can also be injurious to health.
I don't like my friend ogling at you and you smiling back at him
Believe it or not, but for a guy, it is very important that they get a good enough approval from people around about anything they do. Especially in matters of the girl. But again, they wouldn't be able to take it if the friends start ogling at their girl and she somehow remain oblivious or is more sporting towards it. And more often, they might just end up dumping the girl. This happens for the simple fact that they cannot handle even the thought of losing their girl to any of their friends.
I don't want you to fall for my friend
This one goes along with the other one for obvious reasons but there is a little more to it. Obviously they don't want to be ditched and that too with their friend. Secondly, they don't want their girl working overtime to please the friends as that would mean divided attention. Now that could sound as immature behaviour, but hey, don't forget we are talking about men!
Ok, I'm scared that you might leave me!
While most magazines and relationship guides talk about 'men cheating', or 'how to win your man', or 'how to keep him hooked on to you'; fact is that most men are actually scared about the exact opposite. True, they are actually scared that the girl might leave them. Call it a defence mechanism that they resort to and hence while you find some men to be extra possessive, others might take up to cheating. The only key to have your guy and keep him too is to be normal and yes don't forget they constantly want that shower of attention!
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