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Get back to basics for fitness
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Why push-ups, planks and crunches are all-time fitness marvels

Get back to basics for fitness

 Fitness, along with everything else in this world, has evolved to an amazing extent in the last two decades. However, evolution does not mean we forget the basics.

I strongly believe that the pursuit of fitness in today’s world should extend beyond the gym. It has to be a balance of working out in your gym and moving and working your body and its muscles the way they were originally meant to be. When the focus is only on shaping your body and on the cosmetic appeal without a though to functional fitness and its merits, rest assured, we are doing something wrong.

“Return to the caveman times, go basic and return to exercising in a more traditional way at least twice a week.”

Machine-based workouts help tone and shape our muscles and give us our much required cardio workout. But in addition to these, we also need to be active and exercise our body in a way that actually benefits us in our daily life.

The truth is, in the rush to keep pace with everything that is new, we have forgotten how our bodies should be moving. I have said this before and I repeat – we are changing from an active to a sedentary race. We sit on the couch. We sit at the dining table to eat breakfast. We sit in our cars to drive to work. At work, we sit at our table slouched over our computers.


Source: Gulfnews


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