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Do you have a flirtatious partner?
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Are you dating someone who has no qualms in flirting with others too? Take this quiz to know if you've got a partner whose eyes wander

Healthy flirting is both fun and acceptable. But when in a relationship, flirting beyond a certain extent is regarded not only to be offensive but also disrespectful to your partner. Read on and answer the questions to know if you have a flirtatious partner.
1. Does your partner have too many friends from the opposite sex?
A. Yes, But I know all of them, and they know I am his/her partner.
B. Yes. And I've never been introduced to any.
2. When at a party, your partner meets a group of new people and while interacting with the opposite sex, he/she:
A. Calls you over too and introduces you as his/her partner.
B. Ignores you completely and is busy conversing, gazing into the eyes and holding their hands often.
3. Does he/she use endearments like baby or sweetheart to please the opposite sex?
A. No. I have never heard him/her say that ever.
B. Yes. And when confronted, I was told it's quite normal for him/her to say that. 
4. Are there too many rumours about your partner?
A. No. He/she has a clean record.
B. Yes. He/she was quite a player and the gossip goes on.
5. Does your partner stress on spending lone time with you or is it more about meeting you up when in a group?
A. We both have our 'we' time and we enjoy it.
B. We're always meeting up with all his/her friends too, I never get to spend time with him/her alone.
6. When meeting your friends of the opposite sex, he/she:
A. Behaves very friendly and comfortable.
B. Becomes over-friendly and ends up flirting with most of them.
Most of your answers are:
A: Your partner is loyal and very friendly a person. He/she isn't shy about introducing you to others as his/her partner. Most importantly, he/she knows where to draw the line when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex.
B: Is a flirt and is okay about it. Also, he/she does not see the point in admitting that you are his/her partner for the fear of not being able to flirt with others. Chances are that your partner isn't loyal to you; we don't ask you to sleuth around but a little investigation about his/her whereabouts wouldn't harm.

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