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6 Easy Steps To Building A Strong Trusting Relationship
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Trust is known to be the most important element in a successful relationship. When a couple trusts each other in the relationship, a deep bond of love and respect develops. Many people in relationships find themselves sharing common interests with their partners as well as passion, love and chemistry, however, most of these same people lack trust for one reason or another. A relationship that lacks trust is guaranteed to fail everytime.

Here are six important steps you can follow to build a strong trusting relationship:
Step 1: Consistency: This is very important in a relationship. You need know how consistent you are in your relationship. Analyze carefully whether or not you can count on each other. When you are reliable on a daily basis, you will be successful in building a relationship that’s based on trust.
Step 2: Communication skills: Are you capable of delivering your messages to your partner well? Analyze whether your words match your facial expressions. Your body language should also go in sync with what you say. Disagreements in a relationship tend to corrupt it. These occur due to misunderstanding you need to pay special focus to what you say and how you look when with your partner.
Step 3: Believing in your partner and yourself: The key to build trust in a relationship is to start believing in yourself and your partner. You must indulge in an honest and gentle discussion with your partner about any problems, insecurities and misunderstandings. Do not live with fear, resentment and silence. Try finding out your partner’s strengths and shower honest compliments. When your partner does something for you, it is important to indulge in a loving conversation that involves your genuine appreciation for partner.
Step 4: Complete honesty: This is extremely important in a relationship. This is what makes it successful. For this you need to learn and practice how to remain truthful to your partner. Keeping secretes is a strict no-no. If you do, you cannot develop trust in your relationship. In fact secrecy of any kind or degree can destroy the relationship fully. Secrets mean you require maintaining them and there is no way to maintain secrets than telling lies. These rules out the possibility of building trust on a relationship.
Step 5: Learn to say no: Human nature is set in away to please others. However, this can result in spoilt relationships sometimes especially if you are giving importance to someone else’s needs above yours. Saying ‘yes’ when you actually mean ‘no’ can spoil the relationship. Learn to say no when you actually want to. This will also win you a lot of respect from your partner.
Step 6: Improve: Anything that is alive and kicking needs to grow and change make sure when you change, you change for better.
Love, passion and chemistry are all important in order to have a healthy relationship, however none of these mean anything if your relationship lacks trust. By following all the steps mentioned above, you are guaranteed to build a trusting relationship that will last a life time.

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