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LOVE: Not Just A Chemical Reaction
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Love! The moment the word falls on the ear drum, the entire body responds. It’s Instantaneous and immediate. The brain reacts like a tuning fork struck hard and suddenly a picture crops up in our minds making our lips form a broad smile that extends from ear to ear. Love, they say is a beautiful feeling that extends beyond words; beyond speech.  A feeling that gives you wings. A feeling that makes everything seem better; makes the world brighter and life worth living. When you feel love, it’s like you live in heaven on earth.

But “love”; while being small in spelling, it’s larger than humanly imaginable. It’s complex, immeasurable, delicate and indefinable. With love comes many things; care, possessiveness, envy, pride, attitude, jealousy, joy, anger, fear, disappointment, regret, responsibility—all intertwined into one indescribable whole that has been christened “Love.” Without love, we are lifeless. No human being, however magnificent, can live successfully without love. The saying “he/she died of a lonely heart” reigns true being that love plays a major role in our happiness and our desire to live! It’s not just a feeling experienced by humans; animals also have their own ways of displaying and desiring love. Human life is nothing without love; it’s the primary need for survival. Our drive to stay alive, our drive to protect; our drive to do things for others that in many ways we don’t like or necessarily care to do.
We need love for growth, for living, for strength! Right from the time we are born, to the time we take our last breath; we experience love in many different ways, at different times and through different means. Mom’s love through care and warmth, Father’s love through protection and direction, Brother’s love through teasing, Sister’s love through fighting, Friends’ love through sharing, Lover’s love through delicate affection!
As we grow, our pride blinds us to the need for love and in turn we tend to no longer appreciate it or take it for granted. The anger a child develops toward an overbearing parent; the bitterness a person develops toward a possessive spouse, the hatred one nationality develops toward another nationality. The hateful actions one country takes toward another country. Love has long lost its true value and today; it is just a tool we use and throw toward people as need be. May sound bitter but true!
Relationships are formed through love, however relationships are just as fragile as love itself or maybe more so. They need extra attention and care. They need effort from all sides to be maintained. One wrong move and all bets are off! Even if the relationship itself isn’t dismantled, the once strong bond is weakened with every mistake. A small misunderstanding, an unfaithful encounter, a little distance, a major disagreement—all could have massive effects on a relationship; even more so enough to dismantle the relationship entirely.
To bring clarification to the word itself, a “relationship” is not exclusive to the cuddling and mollycoddling between a boy and girl; what we share with our parents is a relationship; what we share with our siblings is a relationship; friends, cousins, pets, colleagues—are all relationships. In our lives, we are a part of so many relations that most of the time we don’t even realize it. The bonding is very underestimated and unappreciated especially in today’s “super fast and posh” times. Many of times, no value, no credential; pretty much no weight of importance is given to them. This is why almost every single day; we come across news headlines written in bold letters about a deadly shooting between two siblings, a stabbing between two spouses, a son murdering his father, a parent sexually abusing his/her children; etc. Basically, materialistic pleasures rule today and love has taken the back seat!
Relationships need nurturing, fostering and careful upbringing. They need to be treated like a new born baby. Give them all it takes so they grow to be strong and unbreakable. Newton’s third law of motion applies most aptly here—every action will have an equal and opposite reaction!  Nourish them and they’ll make your life beautiful. They bring in a whole new meaning to life and for many; they become a reason to live. But remember, a small error and they could devastate you. So take care of the wonderful relationships you are involved, but most importantly; remember it takes “real love” to secure your relationships for “real love” is the foundation to all that is right, and “real love” is not just a chemical reaction, but that in which is intentionally brought forth from within.
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