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Ways to prevent abuse in your relationship
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The first step to prevent emotional abuse is to spot the signs. Often in a relationship you tend to overlook certain aspects of your partner that may in due course of time become unhealthy and pose to be a threat for you.

According to psychologists, the initial sign of emotional abuse might be something in the pit of the stomach, a feeling suggesting that something is going wrong in your relationship.
1. Don't let your partner dominate you
It all starts with your partner taking decisions for you and controlling your life by using abusive techniques. There becomes a power imbalance in your relationship and your partner makes you feel like a victim more than a spouse. When you begin to notice such signals, it is better to address the situation there and then instead of prolonging it to another time. Seek help from family, friends or therapist as and when required.
2. Beware of gaslighting
This is a form of mental abuse where you doubt your memory, perception and sanity. Known to be a subtle form of emotional abuse, it is quite damaging in reality. Some common examples would be that you always apologise, even for insignificant errors or you know that there's something terribly wrong but you can't express it.
3. Bring up the issue in a calm environment
Never throw down an accusation in the midst of a heated argument — it is the perfect recipe for disaster. Instead look for a convenient time. Do not start accusing your partner, instead leave room for a healthy discussion.
4. Seek help from family or friends 
Having a trusted friend or a family member who can evaluate the situation and help you out is a great option. It will be easier to solve issues when you have some support with you.
5. Look for a professional
If your situation is completely out of hand, or you have nobody to ask for help — look for a therapist to bring you out of this state. Whether you want to stay in the relationship or not, it is very important to see a professional so that you can focus on healing your wounds and move forward.
6. Break the cycle
It is important to realise that you need to stop being the victim when in an emotionally abusive relationship. Be wary of allowing yourself to be abused by someone else. If you see yourself falling into a victim-like situation with your partner, stop immediately and take charge of your life.
Sourse : Times of India

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