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Do men actually gossip more than women?
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life_styleSo you are wondering why your new neighbour, a guy, keeps gossiping about every possible thing happening in your housing society, something that the women are believed to enjoy more? 

Or why your best friend isn't able to convey what exactly he wants to say, even after a 10 minute 'speech'? 
Well, a recent study seems to have solved this mystery. According to the study men are the bigger chatterboxes and are more likely to talk for the sake of talking! And yet, more isn't merrier here; because they aren't as good as women when it comes to expressing themselves. What do those from Mars and Venus have to say? 
Model and actor Tanvi Vyas has a mixed take, as she says, "I have come across all kinds of men in my life, and it's difficult to categorise them into broad categories. There are a few who are introverts, and hardly speak. Then there are men who, even if they talk a lot, talk well and make sense. They can convince you pretty easily. One of my male co-stars in my upcoming film talks so much that it would surprise anyone. He would comfortably beat even the most talkative of girls!" 
Actor Delnaaz Paul says, "It's widely believed that women tend to criticise people behind their backs. I think that men definitely gossip more. There is a streak of bitchiness in them which doesn't get talked about much. Women are definitely better at expressing their thoughts in a clear manner. They are more focused during a conversation and know what they are talking about." 
And what about expressing themselves and giving compliments? "Well, it's true that most men aren't very good when it comes to paying compliments. In fact, many men pay compliments only once in a blue moon! I won't say men are not good at expressing themselves, because that differs from person to person and such generalisation isn't fair in my opinion," feels Tanvi. 
"Clarity of thought or coming up with great compliments isn't something that I would associate with most men," adds Delnaaz. 
Television actor Vipul Roy, though, has an entirely different take. "I think men are the best when it comes to paying compliments. Else, how do they win over their lady love? Unless he has a good sense of humour and is good with words, would any intelligent girl in today's age fall for him? Besides, what's wrong in being a chatterbox? In today's times, everyone wants to flaunt his best qualities, including intelligence. If I am speaking something sensible to showcase my hold over a particular subject or while spending time with friends, why would the number of words spoken by me matter? Women are as intelligent as men and they won't fall for any guy who doesn't have clarity of thought. As for gossiping or bitching about others, women definitely do it more!" 
Collegian Rahul Joshi probably sums it up best, as he says, "It's difficult to say who is more talkative. I have seen guys who can go on and on, and bore everyone to death, and it's equally true for a few girls as well! And everyone loves gossiping about something spicy, isn't it? But I feel girls tend to gossip for longer periods. Otherwise, there isn't much of a difference." 
Sourse : Times of India

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