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Take right precautions to battle flight woes
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long-flightsLos Angeles, July 17 : Some are okay with long flights, while others face vertigo during long hours of flying. simple precautions like intake of water and Vitamin C can help people overcome air sickness during long haul flights.


Here are five simple ways to fly safely and in a healthy condition, reports femalefirst. co. uk.


Eat raw food: Your body retains more water and suffers less from dehydration if you pack it with live, raw nutrients. Usually take a snack and a meal for a four hour period and double it for longer journeys.


Importance of Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps to regulate cortisol and prevent blood pressure from spiking in response to stressful situations, like flying, airports, customs rate high on the stress-o-meter. Regularly elevated levels of cortisol in your body suppress normal functioning of the digestive system, reproductive system, and growth processes.


Water always helps: It is very important to drink want in sips rather than gulping it. It helps in rehydrating the body. So it's better to spread water over the course of the flight.


Avoid alcohol. It is important to avoid excess alcohol during flights. If you need to drink to sleep, drink white wine or vodka and no more than a glass or two. Stay off the red wine and coloured spirits. They make your already overloaded body work 5x harder.


Probiotics are important. Flying makes you bloated because you are seated for so long. That creates pressure in your abdomen, interferes with digestion and slows everything down. Taking Probiotics, which consist of helpful bacteria or yeasts, helps your digestion to work again. Take one the day before you fly, the day of the flight and a couple of days after. (IANS)


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