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Japan Airlines Boeing 787 make unscheduled landing at Boston A Boeing 787 Dreamliner operated by Japan Airlines made an unscheduled landing at the Boston's Logan International Airport soon after takeoff after pilots noticed a glowing indicator light in the cockpit.


The flight JL007 of Japan Airlines from Boston to Tokyo-Narita returned to the airport after taking off as a standard precautionary measure following the maintenance indicator. Airline spokeswoman Carol Anderson said that the aircraft returned to the airport under the standard operating protocol after the fuel pump indicator alerted the crew.


The Federal Aviation Administration also said that the aircraft circled around the airport to burn off fuel before landing. Matthew Brelis, spokesman for the Massachusetts Port Authority, the owner and the operator of Boston's Logan International Airport said that no emergency was declared and that the flight made a safe landing in Boston.


Investigations had revealed an issue in the battery that was damaged in a fire incidence on January 7 in Boston. Investigators noted that the damaged battery showed evidence of short-circuiting and a chemical reaction called `thermal runaway'. In thermal runaway, high temperatures causes progressive higher temperatures causing damage to the equipment. The entire fleet was grounded around the world until the investigators found the reason for the incidences.


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