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In the past few years social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have emerged as important tools for companies globally. 
However, if you think these sites are just a tool for attracting talent, you got only the half picture. Companies today use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube fror several critical roles. Read on to know seven things companies leverage social media websites for.
Get a peek into candidate’s personality
Many companies also use social media websites to look at candidates’ personality. Facebook and Twitter help companies look beyond a candidate’s business acumen to his or her personality and character. “The networks help firms understand candidates in terms of their career graph, areas of interest, educational qualifications and professional network,” says says Deepak Jain, senior vice president and global head, workforce planning and development, Wipro.
Reach out to passive candidates
Social media sites are also potent tool to share information on job positions with passive candidates, those who have posted resumes on social networks and left them there
Ingersoll Rand International uses social media to share information with passive candidates. “We look at the pattern of the candidates’ updates on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to understand their interests and thereby find the best fits for our company,” adds Jayantika Dave, vice president, HR, Ingersoll Rand International
Save time
Engaging with candidates through Facebook, Twitter also saves time to hire as companies can develop relationships with candidates over a period of time and get to know better. Social media networks expedite the hiring process by helping companies develop relationships with potential candidates
Save cost
Online hiring also helps saves cost of recruitment compared with traditional hiring. The added advantage with Facebook is that a company pays per click and cost is incurred only when someone shows interest in a job posting
Build brand online
Many companies also use social media to build their brand online. These websites help provide candidates a look into a company’s business and philosophy. "Social networks are playing a critical role for companies these days in luring talent by telling the stories about their brands, says Jyorden T Misra, managing director of executive search consulting firm Spearhead Inter Search.
To reach out to young talent
To reach out to young talent which is comfortable with use of online tech. Social media gives companies access to huge talent pool, irrespective of their geographical location.
For IT companies like HCL Technologies, social network sites like Facebook are particularly useful for niche hiring in talent segments like SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, etc.

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