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Sex and relationships, Sex after dinner One in five men said that he “expects” sex if he spends more than 100 pounds on dinner, the Daily Express reported.

It sometimes works, as seven percent of women say they feel “obliged” to sleep with a man who has been so generous.
Men are still most likely to pick up the bill on a first date, according to a survey, and most expect to sleep with their new partner after just three dates.Women typically won’t consider sleeping with a man until they have been on at least five dates, the study of 2,000 people by internet network found.
Half of men will happily spend more than 50 pounds on a first meeting, with couples splitting the bill from the second date onwards. But just three percent of women pay the bill on the first date.
Men typically spend 46.79 pounds on grooming if they expect the evening to end in sex. They are likely to buy new underwear and bed linen.
Women prepare for a night of passion by waxing their legs and buying new lingerie but they spend 5 pounds less.
Relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr said: “It is astounding to think that in 2013 one-fifth of men expect a woman to go all the way if they’ve spared no expense on a date.” 
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