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Life&StyleWish to know more about your date on the first day? Show genuine interest by asking questions that cover important aspects of his life.

Make sure to ask the following questions on a first date, reports

What do you like to do to chill out?
It is a good way to find out whether you two are compatible or not. So, knowing his hobbies will give you some idea about how well you gel with him. If he likes to go mountain biking to beat the weekend boredom and you prefer lazying around at home, then you might have a problem.

What job is it that you do?
We often get to know personality of people by knowing about their profession. For instance, if the person is a lawyer, he will be organised but he'll also be naturally quite argumentative. This conversation will make you realise how important his job is to him and whether he has enough time for you as well as his job.

Tell me about your family
It is important to find out how his relationship with family is. If he has a good one with his parents and you do too, then you'll likely bond well. If it's vice-versa, it might become the reason for failed relationship with him.

If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?
This can help you to know his aspirations. If he says sit at home and watch his favourite movie repeatedly, then you know the man won't be going places. If he's got a big plan, then he will probably share it with you. Not only to impress you, but also because he has confidence in himself.

Where does this date rate on your first date scale?
It's flirty but, also gives you an indication of how well the date went and what you did right. If he enjoyed it, he will be eager to meet you again. If not, then you know what not to do.


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