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Did you know about Facebook`s hidden message folder?

Washington: Social media giant Facebook has varied ways to ensure a user has her privacy safeguarded and no stranger sends messages to their profile. However, not many would have known that the site's inbox is not the only place where messages are received, and there exists an 'other' folder, purposely hidden for those messages which come from people who are not in the friends' list. 
Facebook's 'other' message folder, much like a spam folder is the place where all the messages sent by strangers or who are not 'friends' with the user are stored. 
According to the report, often messages from real people who might be trying to reconnect with the user go in the hidden folder including missed job opportunities, messages from old friends with whom there hadn't been any connection with in years and at times death messages about someone known. 
Facebook Product Manager of Messages Jimmy Chen said that the site's priority is to deliver the most relevant messages to the users and keeping the lower-quality messages out which is determined by whether a user is a friend or comes in the mutual contact list. 
The hidden message box which has been at the site since 2010 can also be configured by changing the preference settings and putting messages from unknown people in it, the report added. 

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