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The Do’s and Don’ts of Festival RomancesFestivals are a great place to have a good time and meet some amazing people. No doubt, with the alcohol flowing and the free-spirit vibes flying high you’ll want to get a little frisky in your tent.

If you’re looking for love this Festival season they we’ve got a few tips to keep you on the straight and narrow whilst still have a great time!
DO: Be Forward
You’ve got a max of five days to find your festival love so put yourself out there! If you see a nice looking guy, then approach him and introduce yourself.
DON’T: Be Aggressive
Although people often say being aggressive when you want something is a good thing, in this case, it isn’t. Don’t be running round and shoving yourself in every nice guy’s face. Massive turn off.
DO: Make Your Intentions Clear
If you like him, let him know about it. Flirt with and make it obvious that you’d like your new friendship to go further.
DON’T: Make a Name for Yourself
Absolutely don’t run round promoting yourself as an easy catch, you don’t want men queuing up at your tent because they know you’ll put out.
DO: Settle on One Guy
You do want to actually see the bands and have a little fun so don’t make your man schedule too heavy. One guy should be great for the weekend!
DON’T: Be Clingy
If he wants to hang out and hook up then cool, if he doesn’t then that’s cool too. Don’t forget that the main reason you’ve paid hundreds of pounds to be there is to see some great bands.
DO: Use Protection
If you’re going to have Sex then make sure you’re always using protection. It’s a given but if the drink is flowing you can sometimes forget. Not only will it stop unwanted pregnancy but also any nasty STIs
DON’T: Drink Too Much
We all know that drinking clouds our judgement so if you’re planning to pull then hold back on the booze. Not only could you come away with something nasty but you’ll also be hating yourself in the morning!
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