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When Aamir shared his childhood memory with the Dalai Lama

"My religion is love and compassion," said the Dalai Lama who was in Pune yesterday with Aamir Khan. His Holiness shared his childhood memories and added, "What I am today is because of the love and compassion I received from my mother. Though she was an illiterate villager she was a very kind lady who loved other people."
Taking from His Holiness' anecdote, Aamir also spoke about a childhood incident involving his mother. He said, "As a kid, I used to play tennis and was really good at it. Every time I returned home from a game my mother would ask me if I had won. Each time I replied saying I had won, she would get very happy and hug me. One special thing about such incidents, that I won't forget ever, is that each time she also asked me about the boy who lost. She said to me 'That boy who has lost must also have reached home by now and his mother too must have asked him the same question. She must be feeling sad, no?' Thinking about the other person, is what my mother always did. It's her compassion towards other people that makes me."
On Sunday, actor Aamir Khan took to the stage to host the Dalai Lama and Rev Dada JP Vaswani tete-a-tete session. The event marked the celebration of Dada's 95th birthday and to make it more special, Aamir sang 'Happy Birthday' for Dada with the audience joining in.
Dada seemed overwhelmed with the presence of His Holiness and 'His Magician,' that's how he addressed Aamir. We spotted Aamir Khan's sister Nikhat Khan Hegde, Laleh Busheri, Meher Pudumjee and Anu Aga among others present at the event.

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