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Life_StyleA cup of hot tea, High-speed Internet, a trustable Friend & a lovely hug by anyone.........that are the necessary thing to live the happy life according to British Peoples. It's complicated for us to live the happy life without having them.

Two thousand adults 18 to 65 years participated. 20 things that people preferred them, Internet connection, safe and loving hug of magic 'was chosen.

Women 'magic hug' pushed enough, which he believes is the first of it's life. On the other hand, among men who had the greatest need. This report is published in the UK dot dot CO Metro.

A trusted friend to this list, including the daily shower and central heating. Some people said that they can not live without tea. Also some people feel they have all the time 'I love you' is used to hearing. The British also find the things unfinished life without them, a strong marital relationship, car, glasses, coffee, chocolate and wine have also been featured.

The survey has found that British people rich breakfast, a year overseas tour, beer and iPhone takes the greatest needs of life. Disney said the survey 'The Jungle Book', made before release of the Blu-ray version.

Refrence : Aaj-Tak

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