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Healthy tips to prevent late night cravings

New York: Do you struggle with your dietary decisions and eat too much at night? Well, try a two-week experiment that can help you control these cravings. 
According to an expert, time-based struggle has something to do, at least in part, with a hunger hormone called `ghrelin`- which is known to increase in response to fasting and recurrent feeding patterns.
Oftentimes people, who are night-time eaters, keep their daytime calories purposely low and even intentionally skip meals because they will struggle in the later parts of the day.
The New York Daily News has suggested that if the struggles only occur at night, there`s a great chance that one can switch them off without the requirement of intense willpower.
The expert believes that breakfast and lunch should include a minimum of 400 food-based calories, inclusive of 25 grams of protein.
Night-time eaters are advised to have solid food-based snack between meals with each including at least 7 grams of protein.
For the first week of the two-week experiment, it is advisable to have an additional 150-calorie, solid food-based snack that includes at least 10 grams of protein 30 to 60 minutes before your struggles used to begin. 
It has also been suggested that if the experiment is a partial success- which means if cravings are down but not gone- try adding 50 solid food-based calories to each meal and snack. 

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