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Kiran and Aamir pledge to donate their organs

Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan inspired by their latest production 'Ship of Theseus' talk about donating organs.
What was the flashpoint for you to decide on donating your organs?
Kiran Rao: I would often tell Aamir that I would, in fact, like to give my body to science as against just burning or burying it, but then I came to know that there are a lot of unclaimed bodies available to medical colleges for research. And then I saw Ship Of Theseus and the idea that you can pass this gift of life that each one of us has and can use our bodies to change the life of not just one person, but many people, made me renew my pledge and catalysed me to do it. I used to tell Aamir, 'I want to do it' and he would always say, 'Yaar, do it legally. You write and give it to me that you want to harvest your organs.' So I'm trying to find out the legal way in which I can donate. I will donate everything possible to donate, which is typically your eyes, kidneys, liver, heart and even your lungs. Once you are clinically dead, none of the organs are of any use to you anyways, so as against just getting burnt or getting buried, you can help several people.
It's also important that once we pledge our organs, we need to create the right kind of systems to help facilitate the donation easily and use the organs correctly. What I have heard is that the logistics is nightmarish and people don't come to collect them on time. So, people are waiting with the bodies of their loved ones to complete the last rites while they have to wait for the organs to be taken. When a person close to you dies, you don't think of those things. Every hospital should have the setup and should be handled in a sensitive way. Imagine, one person's body can change the lives of so many people. The passing of life is the greatest gift you can give someone.
What made you take the decision of donating your organs?
Aamir Khan: I have to say that it is something I have been thinking about for a long time, in a loose manner. Kiran and I have discussed it, but we never discussed it seriously till she saw Ship Of Theseus. This time, we spoke about it in a concrete manner and realised that it was so true that we could help alter the lives of others without harming ourselves in anyway. We, in any case, would have already died and led a full life, so we thought we should do it. I would only be too happy to donate all parts of my body that can be donated, which can help any other person. When I die, I would like Kiran to be able to just call up a number to execute my wish of harvesting my organs. But, the process needs to be clarified and made simple, so that we could just make a phone call and they should come and take our organs. If I am not mistaken, a lot of people have fears that they will mutilate the body, but they should know that it is done with a lot of care, and you look just the same after that. So, you are only helping another person. It is also a time when you need dua the most and this way, you will get it.

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