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Life_StyleRomance with all its charm, fascination and longing for companionship, has its own shares of myths and realities. Each of us may vary with regard to the conceptualized definition of love and romance; but as one of the primeval human emotions; love which in turn gives way to romance or adventure is bound by certain age old myths which despite their oft repeated recurrence have little or no semblance of truth.

    One of the most common myths about love and romance revolves around its association with marriage; with people being under the notion that marriage makes for the permanence of romance. The twin ideas of romance and marriage should be delinked from one another. While romance or love is an expression of feelings; marriage is one of the forms of social contract which does not necessarily make way for the permanence of romance.
    True love may lead you to accept your partner just the way he or she actually is. But to say that love or romance is completely blind may turn out to be mythical. In case your partner is endowed with a disagreeable trait, it may not be all that colorful from the point of view of romance and relationship.
    It is traditionally held that absence short or long proves to be productive from the point of view of romance. But realistically speaking; long absence may prove to be counterproductive for romance, bearing in mind the oft repeated maxim - 'Out of sight, out of mind'.
    Another common romantic myth involves the co relation of romance and physical passion. If one goes for a romantic liaison with the only objective of satisfying his physical passions; then he/she is bound to be a failure. Romance may make way for physical passion, but relationship entered into with the sole objective of satisfying lust, is bound to meet with failure.
    Similarly erroneous is the linking of romance with material happiness. One need not be rich in order to be romantic; or need not be flaunting with an exotically expensive gift to prove your idea of romance. Simple gestures of thankfulness and care may go a long way in highlighting the depth of romance.
    In keeping with the idea that romance calls for a lot of efforts and time management; one may be extra careful and concerned to unfold the depth of his romantic feelings. But such a conscious display may prove to be falsely attractive. Romance is supposed to be a spontaneous feeling to unfold naturally with time and situations. So one need not put in extra bit of effort in order to prove a point. Trying to prove a point may turn out to be counterproductive.
    Likewise, the idea of time management with regard to romance is uncalled for. Though it has to develop naturally with the passage of time, one need not wilt under the feeling that it calls for extra bit of time.
    In keeping with the intensely romantic stunts made use of in films and mushy books; people romancing may come under the mythical impression that romance is best expressed with flowers and couplets praising the brows of beloved. It may also involve the oft repeated expression of the catchy phrases such as 'I love you' and so on. But on the contrary; it is more meaningful when you choose to express your romance through actions based on care and loving thoughtfulness.
    Expression of romance by way of gifts, flowers, cards and candies has rather become clichéd and commonplace. So try to be unique in your expression of romance by going against the set pattern of clichéd formula.
    It is imperative that one remains true to one's nature and perceptions when it comes to the questions of love and romance. Since no two persons are alike, it makes sense to believe in your natural instincts while dealing with the spontaneously aroused feelings of the heart.
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