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Masala Puri A Spicy and healthy evening Snacks

To make Poori:
Maida -100 gms
Rava-50 gms
To make masala Curry:
Green Peas-50 gms
Chillie Powder
Corainder powder
Karam masala powder (Chicken masala powder)
Corainder leaves
For serving and decorations:
Corainder leaves
Any crispy snacks with chilly and salt flavor
Sweet Tomato Sauce
Poori Making:
1. Mix the maida and Rava in the mentioned proportions and add little bit of salt and needed water and make a dough
2.Make small sized dough and deep fry the doughs and keep ready the small sized Pooris.(abt 5cm dia)
Vegetable Masala :
1.Boil the Potatoes and Green Peas separtely and keep aside.Dont overboil both.
2.Pour four tsp of oil and put the onions tomato and wait until it turns golden brown.
3.Put the remaining vegetables (Carrot,boiled Potato,Boiled Green Peas) to it.
4.Add 1 spoon of chillie powder,1/2 sp of Corainder powder,1/2 sp of Garam masala powder or chicken masala powder and add 2 or 3 cups of water to boil.
5.Add the necessary salt to the mixture
6.After 10 mins ,when the masala is well cooked ,add corainder leaves to it and switch off the stove
Note: The masala should be semi solid state(not so watery or so solid)
How to Serve:
I1.n a bowl,add two big spoons of vegetable masala,3-5 samall pooris and mix together.
2.Add grated raw onion,carrot and corainder leaves to it.
3.Add any crispy snacks if there to make more taste(Should be in chilly or salt or no flavour)
4.Keep the lemon slices and thick curd nearby the bowl and serve
5.Sweet tomato sauce is also a good choice to serve along with.
Serve hot and enjoy the yummy vegetable masala poori :)
Sourse : Prokerala

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