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How To Get A GirlfriendRelationships are tricky things at the very best of times, even when you have managed to find a woman you enjoy spending time around and can see yourself building a future with. For some guys though they haven’t even got to the part about trying to keep a woman that you’re in a relationship with happy and loved, instead you’re still at step #1 where you’re trying to find a girlfriend in the first place.

In an ideal world you could simply meet a girl you like, find out if she likes you and then take it from there. Unfortunately a combination of overly-influential magazines and TV shows have stopped most people from even thinking for themselves anymore – especially when it comes to relationships. One perfect example of this is a show like “Sex and The City” where women are actively encouraged to manipulate men in whatever way they need to, to get what they want.

Now most people understand the difference between the fantasy of a TV show and the reality of real life, but alas not every woman does. Basically what it comes down to is that finding a girlfriend isn’t exactly hard – the hard part is convincing her to date you after you find her.

Let’s take a look at exactly how you can get to the point of getting a girlfriend first though.

Getting A Girlfriend Fast

In a good relationship the word “fast” rarely enters into the conversation about what the next step in the relationship should be. If you’re willing to throw aside your common sense, logic and safety then you can probably go out tonight and pick a random woman up in a bar or nightclub and attempt to form a relationship with her, but it’s unlikely that you’re going to wind up in anything except a “one night stand” type of situation. Never place a time limit on yourself for finding a girlfriend – even if all your buddies are dating people, because it’s about quality and not quantity guys; although that’s only something you learn with age.

Finding A Girlfriend Online

Online dating sites can be a great way to meet and date new women, especially because you know that every single woman on that dating site is looking for a boyfriend or partner of some kind. One word of warning here is that many of the women you find on free online dating sites should be approached with caution. The first reason is that sometimes they use the sites to con money out of men before meeting them, and more worrying is that, in my own experience, a lot of the women on the free dating sites are what we refer to as “Bunny Boilers”. Not good!

The Best Way To Find A Girlfriend

Between the ages of 18 and about 35 the very best ways for meeting a new potential girlfriend are through people you meet in work, your own social circle of friends and in any clubs you might be involved in.

You could also ask your female friends to set you up on a date with one of their single friends too for example. Oh and if you don’t have female friends then get some, because they are the single best way for any guy to find a new girlfriend. Some female friends are even willing to go out to clubs with their male friends and ask girls out for them – a truly invaluable resources to have.

Finding a girlfriend is about getting out there and trying, and the more you try the more likely you are to succeed!


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