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Summer coupleIf you’re stuck in a dating rut, now is the time to climb out of it.

That’s because summer is the very best season for dating. You look and feel at your best, and sunshine has an aphrodisiac quality that no amount of Christmas goodwill can match.
But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s why you should make this summer the season of seduction.
You look grrrreat
While we should all take care never to burn, simply being outside more means our skin glows with health. Add to that the fitness gains from all that outdoor activity and it’s easy to see why women judge men as looking at their best in the high summer months.
Dating site tested that idea by asking 2,000 adults to judge two pictures of the same person, one taken in winter and one in summer. Almost three-quarters of respondents said the summer photo was more attractive.
When asked why, respondents said that the summer shots looked happier (72%), healthier (50%), and more confident (37%).
“It’s natural that we find others more appealing in the summer,” says relationship expert Kate Taylor. “Typically, both sexes look better when outdoors and relaxed rather than huddled up in hats and scarves. Plus, you’re more likely to be outside enjoying the sunshine and having a good time, and this comes across as much in a photo as it does in person.”
You meet more people
It’s a simple equation. You go out more, so you meet more people. That can mean meeting them in a bar or club, but in summer it’s just as likely to mean in the park or on the walk home from work.
Successful serial daters will tell you that every encounter is an opportunity - and that the only place where you’re certain of not meeting anyone (in person) is in your house. Even in our often disappointing summers we spend more time out and about - and among other people - than at any other time of the year.
So maybe you’ll start seeing the same face in the park during your evening stroll, and maybe you’ll spark up a conversation. The simple rule is that the more time you spend among other people, the more likely it is that one of those people will turn into a date.
Indeed, the scientists behind a study that found more people want sex in summer theorised that part of the reason for an increased seasonal sex drive was simply that we are around more people more of the time. That seems to make both sexes friskier.
You go on holiday
Summer is when most of us take our holidays, and holidays are where many of us meet women. All the advantages of summer - from a healthy glow to the natural friskiness brought on by sunshine - reach their peak on holiday. Then add into the mix the confidence and lack of self-consciousness that comes from being away from your normal environment and you have the perfect recipe for romance.
Put it this way, on holiday nobody - or perhaps just a few close friends - can see you strike out. So talking to women, flirting and having fun become second nature - an easy everyday event rather than an occasional awkward interlude.
The crude figures back up the idea that holidays are peak times for both sex and relationships. In one study, nearly 50% of female tourists in Costa Rica reported a holiday romance. Another study found that British couples have sex on average every other day when they’re on holiday.
The fact is, men and women both tend to lose their inhibitions a bit when they’re away, so it’s a great time to start up a new relationship or just go for some no strings attached (but always safe) sex.
The dating pool gets deeper
When Facebook did some research into status updates and so forth it found an interesting statistic. Lots of Facebook users split up in July.
That’s not so strange, say experts. If your relationship is on the rocks anyway, the pressure of holidays, added to the sight of all those beautiful, tanned people you see every day at work, outside bars or on the beach, can make you yearn to be single again.
That’s great news for daters. To put it simply, in summer there are lots of girls fresh out of relationships who are looking for something better, or perhaps just looking for some fun. According to relationship expert Kimberly Moffit, what they're doing is just evolution at work. By making themselves single and available in the summer, “They're increasing their chances of finding somebody that would be a good partner for them.”
So there are five good reasons to embrace the summer dating season like no other. You look great and so do your potential dates, and the sun provides a perfect natural aphrodisiac. The dating pool is deeper and wider than at any other time of year, and on top of it all you go on holiday, where the clothes are skimpy and the inhibitions are low. In other words...go for it!
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