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 Times have changed and so have our roles in relationships. 

A marriage proposal is no longer something that is only reserved for men - women have taken the bull by the horns and conjured up the guts to say to their partner:” Will you marry me?”
Sometimes it’s up to us to give the men in our lives that well needed nudge into the next level/step.
So, don’t be shy. If you feel that you’ve found your Prince Charming, and are ready for that picket fence and the works then make it happen, sister!
Here are a few ideas to help you come up with the perfect marriage proposal:
1.    Check Yourself
You are about to propose spending the rest of your lives together to this man, forever. 
So make sure that you are in the right head space to actually make this kind of commitment.I cant imagine anything worse than finding yourself at the altar only to realise that marriage is not for you.
2.    Make sure he is ready
Okay, you can never really know when your boyfriend is ready for the next step. But you can have conversations tip-toeing around it and get a sense of how he feels about marriage.  
Don’t only rely on your eagerness to be a Mrs - that will only leave you hurt. So, pay attention to his feelings and responses to the subject.
3.    Keep it simple
There’s really no need for a circus show or huge daunting crowd when proposing for a man. The fact that you are proposing will be enough of a surprise for him - you don’t want to send him running.
4.    Make him comfortable
Take him out to a place that he usually goes to to relax. 
A familiar spot, like a place where he enjoys hiking or has some kind of special meaning for him or the both of you will put him at ease, and add special meaning to the proposal.
5.    Confidence is key
You may start to doubt yourself. Your thoughts can easily get the better of you. While planning it, take time to get your positive thoughts running and affirm to yourself that this is what you want. 
Don’t let ever let the thought of being rejected get the best of you. If you have gone through all the necessary steps to understand and know that this is what you are ready for then rejection will not be a factor.
And if he does say No, be grateful that he didn’t just jump into something he wasn’t ready for. A proposal means that your relationship has reached a point where you can talk about anything.
See this as an opportunity for you to work and build your relationship until you are both ready to jump the broom.
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