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That's what most men think they have once they are married. We speak to men from the city who aren't single but ready to mingle.

All names in this story have been changed to save married men from being exposed! And besides, nobody had the guts to go on record to say that they cheat/cheated behind their wives! Abhishek Rana, a computer professional and whose been married for five years now, has been working extra hours in the office of late. And this, he does not to "patao" his boss, but his "hot" secretary, who has been giving him a "green signal" for last two months now. "I'm going drop her home tonight and before that maybe take her out for a cup of coffee," he said. "Unlike me, she's single and I'm ready to mingle, so why wait. Besides, there's no risk involved. She knows I'm married and she is flirting with me at her own risk," he said.
That's how Abhishek plays his game and he's not alone. Banker Anil Sharma may not have felt the seven-year itch yet, but he too feels it's safer to flirt with women once you are married. "They know we won't leave our wives and put our marriage at risk for a fling. And besides, like us men, even women want to have some fun. So why ask only married men why they flirt, why not ask women why they flirt with us instead," he said.
Businessman Nirmal has an answer to why women flirt with married men. "Women know that these men won't want a commitment from them but can give them all the loving they need." Nirmal doesn't deny the fact that he too "looks around" and though he has not had a fullfledged affair with anyone, he does flirt with women, mostly from his workplace. "Women flirt with me knowing very well that I'm not serious about them. Who wants more commitments to keep, ek kaafi hai," he said.
Investment banker Saurabh on the other hand has a different set of problems. "I think women flirt with men when they know that they are married. It's strange because ever since I've got married, women who earlier stayed away from me, now openly flirt with me. I maintain my distance but what I want to ask them is 'Where were they earlier?" Even Rishabh who got recently married to his girlfriend of three years, says that his wife's friends now flirt with him and sometimes they do that in front of his wife. "They feel safer and I'm put in an awkward position because I don't know how to react," he said.
Many surveys have proved that most people tend to stray after after years of marriage. "I have an office spouse with whom you spend more time then with my wife. Inspite of the same routine day-to-day work in the office which can get quite boring, it's my friend who keeps me going. I think there's no harm in me having her in my life," said James who works as a copy-editor.
If some men think it's ok to have an affair, there are others who prefer "healthy flirting". "I do that all the time. How else can you make your life interesting," asked Steven who also thinks that his wife might be doing the same with other men. "There's nothing wrong in that as long as we don't tell each other about it," he winked. Terence has been married for eight years and boasts of having had two affairs. "How long can you eat ghar ki daal, we need to sometimes eat biryani too. But that apart, I think women, especially single girls prefer married men because we are experienced. We have more patience to deal with them and provide them with emotional security," he said.
Sourse : Times of India

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