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 Not too long ago, I published a piece titled What most men don’t realise. The article, written by a Twitter friend, pointed out the fact that when it comes to showing affection and expressing feelings to real women, lavish gifts are often unnecessary. 

Now, my fellow lassies, I’d like you to know (in case you’ve forgotten) that the same applies for trying to impress real men...
Here are some ways to demonstrate your love without breaking the bank: 
Revive old memories
Get crafty with a collage of happy-moment pictures that the two of you have shared and taken during your relationship.  
You could practice some restraint and try your hand with this easy fabric frame project. Or, go large and dazzle him with yours and his’ memoirs in this designer casing.
Plan a date night indoors
Wine and dine him in the comfort of your own home. 
Think a candlelit dinner and dessert, followed by one of these all-time favourite rom-coms, before retiring to the bedroom for a bit of Moulin Rouge-inspired sexy fun. 
Soak it up
A hot, intimate bath or shower together. Aaah, bliss...
Even better? After you scrub his back, surprise him with a ‘complimentary’ tantric massage.  
Indulge a desire
Your man will find nothing sexier than you fulfilling one (or more) of his fetishes and/ or fantasies.
If you decide on doing a bit of dress-up or role-play, then first talk about when you want to do it, as some of these sex scenarios require advanced planning ahead. 
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